Feed back on first game(WIP demo if wanted)

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  • I am working on a simple platformer where things will shoot bullets at you. I would like to know if anyone would play what little I have so I know if I should scrap the Idea or continue to work on it. This is my first thing done with construct 2 so the AI might be a little derpy since I did not watch any tutorials on how to do it. Any feedback would be nice on the idea and if you would like to play it let me know how i could send it to you. Since I have the free version I cannot make the .js.

  • Welcome to Construct 2!

    I recommend that for your first game, spend a month or two on it, get it minimally working, post it here, and someone will take a look at it. The whole point of your first game is to practice your game making skills. If you can't get it working after about 4 - 6 weeks, don't worry about it - just start your second game!

    For your second game, take what you learned on your first game, give yourself about 8 weeks, and see what you can accomplish. And definitely post it here.

    Lastly, don't be afraid to look at the forums and ask questions. There are many experienced C2 users here who can probably figure what is going wrong with your project pretty quickly.

    Good luck, and welcome aboard!

  • I will do as you say above and spend a few months on this one. I figured out most of the event stuff pretty well.

  • I have a pretty finished game and would like to know if anyone would play it and give feedback on how I could make it better. I spent about 8 hours working on it today alone. It is up on kongregate right now and the link is here.

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  • ok well it wont let me post urls so if you want a link I will pm it to you or email you said link to kongregate

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