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    Download here http://www.pileofcrab.com/Apps/OpenBeta/Fatal%20Revenge%20Open%20Beta.zip




    Player Features:


    Gun Types:

    FlameThrower/Assault Rifle/Accid/Sticky Bomb/NinjaStar/Grenade/HomingMissile




    What is FATAL REVENGE?

    . Over The Top Local Multiplayer Arena Shooter

    How many players simultaneously?

    . 2 for now, 4 is in the pipeline.

    How many gun types are there?

    . currently 7

    What are they?

    . FlameThrower/Assault Rifle/Accid/Sticky Bomb/NinjaStar/Grenade/HomingMissile

    How many Arena's are u planning?

    . 6-12

    How many are there currently?

    . 1

    What controller do we use?

    . xbox360 for windows

    What is the control layout?

    . Right analog -- aim

    . Left analog -- left/right/up ladder

    . left trigger -- jump/doublejump/flight

    . Right trigger -- fire

    . A button -- Superfast Assault Rifle

    . X button -- Flame Thrower

    . B button -- Ninja stars

    . Y button -- Homing missile's/Sticky Bombs/Grenades/Acid

    . Left bumper -- Mine's

    . Right bumper -- Magnetic vortex

    . Arrow up -- Powerup shield

    When is the game won?

    . when a player dies

    Can we set how many rounds to battle?

    . yes

    What is the max amount of rounds?

    . 5

    Whats up with the characters?

    . they are opposites and they begged to be in the game.

    What rig do i need to play?

    . its build on (windows 7/64bit/i5/quad core/3.10ghz/16 gigs ram/Gforce gtx 660/2045 MB GDDR5)

    . running at constant 60 fps

    Are we welcome to give feedback?

    . Hellyeah! and while your at it, spread the news.

  • [attachment=0:hq07bxb3][/attachment:hq07bxb3]Arena 1 graphics update.

    Not just their yet, but its looking better each dev day!

    Thursday the open beta starts!

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  • [attachment=0:kvb7zwao][/attachment:kvb7zwao]

    Now u can fly dragonball z style.

    Hovering mid air/slow flight/supersonic flight.

    Fly slow for a while to get into supersonic flight.

    Or use your falling speed to dive into supersonic flight straight away!

    All sorts of crazy combos possible.


    Hover mid air, drop down out of flight, then hit flight & boom supersonic.


    Download here http://www.pileofcrab.com/Apps/OpenBeta/Fatal%20Revenge%20Open%20Beta.zip


  • Fatal Revenge on indieDB


  • Looks great Savvy001 ! Looks like you put a lot of effort into it, I will have to try this later today.

  • Thank u!

    Its a big project indeed, the first that really matters to me.

    i'd love to hear your experience playing it.

    Tip: Supersonic flight is done by using fall speed. So u can "drop in" flight.

    Jump down any platform and hit that fly button when enough speed.

  • Can the game ONLY get controlled width XBox-Controller?

    I can't play with Keyboard?

  • Cherico

    2 players on keyboard is going to be build in. (might take a few weeks before i start on that)

    Using keyboard controls will make aiming "auto aim".

    At this moment only xbox360 controller is possible.

    With the xbox360 controllers, aiming is done with the right analog stick while moving with the left.

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