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  • I just uploaded a game to the arcade and had an issue with the audio I thought was fixed but it's doing it in the arcade as well. For whatever reason, at different times the music starts to drag and then the audio start to slow/drag and get staticky like a worn out record. I've never experienced this before.

    I have removed ALL unnecessary files.

    Retweaked each line to make sure everything is correct.

    Turned off everything that's not supposed to be running until I need it to.

    Change the music to see if the loops are corrupted.

    I've done just about everything I can think of.

    I'm lost...

    I'm here because I'm worried it might be my PC going bad (HOPE NOT) so if some of you can see if you have the same trouble I'll at least know it's not my PC and try to go from there.

    Here is the arcade link please let me know if it happens to you...


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  • I tried your game a few times and on the third try I ran into the audio issue just like you described.

    If it helps it happened at around two minutes in, both myself and the purple guy had grown to a pretty large size. I killed about a dozen of the red bugs at that point. The yellow bug had just appeared and was roaming around. I'm not sure what caused the audio glitch, I've never run into something like that before. Hope you're able to narrow it down and find a solution.

  • I do appreciate it and this does help at least I know it's not my PC. I put a clamp on both to tails but maybe it's not short enough I'll start there and work backwards and see what happened thanks.

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