Evolution Arena (Turn Based / Item Mixing / Rouge Lite)

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  • Hey yall, I recently purchased a used computer that had Construct 2 installed and started playing with it. I really enjoy it. After going threw a few tutorials I decided to make my own game Evolution Arena, The main part is a turn based attack game with Item Mixing kinda like Alchemy. You gradually get new items as you win matches.

    So since I'm already testing it on a live server because of JSON reasons, I decided I'd put it out here and let everybody try it and check it out. I'm going to use this forum post as a general instructions and update list.


    I haven't gotten the tutorial done yet, but it will store your items over time so you can keep coming back.

    Let's see, as of now you can either click on the character faces and go to the item mixing board, putting an item in the box will change the class (and eventually range, update coming soon.) Clicking on Battle will load your characters into the arena with some slime to fight.

    In battle: You can check any body's range by clicking on their face/sprite along the side. Battle works in two main phases, move and attack. You will start in Move phase, click on an item in the middle of the arena to move it. You can not move and hit the green phase control button and people will stay where they are. Then the attack phase will start, showing everybody's range. Eventual certain attacks are going to require clicking on somebody in the range but for now they attack anything in the rang automatically.

    Event battles will be cool, and change the tiles of the people underneath them. I'm working on a rock paper scissors type mechanic to decide everything there and that should be the next update, for now you just move the pieces around.

    Anyways I also have some debugger tools, clicking the back button on the bottom right hand side of the menu will reset the game (beside race). You can't really die yet, (although things do happen when you die.) Anyways thanks for checking it out, I will be updating this as I make major updates to the game.

    Current Version : 0.2, Victory

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  • good job

    looks like you put in quite a loot of work.

    did find it hard without a undo button,

    This would make a good multi player game


  • Yeah, I need to work on multiplayer, thanks for the input. You will eventually get more items when you win a battle. Eventually I want to make a "town" where you donate items and then they will spawn items randomaly from what you've donated over time.

  • Alright, I have the Space Battles and Dice now active and it should be a lot more stable.

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