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  • Hello everyone !

    Now you know it, i will publish at least a game every two month !

    I will tell you what will be the next one : a multiplayer Bomberman.

    What will be interesting there ?

    • It is multiplayer
    • Very funny universe
    • Private room feature
    • One SPECIAL Super Bonus for every site i will publish my game on (tip : for Scirra, it will be Super Glasses telling you where are all the bonus of the map)

    Don't forget to follow our Twitter and our Facebook page

    and tell us what do you think of our project !

    PS : Check our new Character here :

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  • sound interesting! I love the character you draw but I would like to see more

  • You should start a web comic. Your drawing is amazing.

  • And multiplayer would be great, since you're making bombergame.

  • dang everyone ! i didnt even noticed you answered me !

    Thank you !

    And good surprise ! If everything goes well, the game will be released Tomorrow !

    Thanks for my dear graphist Red Roxxx, if you like what she does, you can like her Facebook page and show her some love

    She will work on the half of our games

  • Hey guys, you know what ? I want to try to boost myself with your help.

    If i get 10 answers to this topic i release my game Epic Blast tonight.

    I'm sure it's possible.

    Thank you to support me and the whole team

  • Hi! thanks for your feedbacks! That mean a lot to me

    We'll show you more soon!

  • Hello everyone !

    To announce it, the game will be release on Sunday. I still need time to test and correct some little things.

    When i'll have something for you to test i'll send you the link and the code so you can play with us

    Seeya soon !

  • Hi everyone !

    Because some asked new pics, i took one from a gameplay test :

    I hope you are super hyped now

    Thanks to follow us.

    By the way, for those who want to help us, you can check our Patreon here : click here

    See you on Sunday for the release !

  • Hello everyone,

    Bc i dont want to do a bad game, i need a lot of time to test everything in this game, so i will publish it around November, when all the bugs will be found and corrected (i already have like 40 bugs do correct)

    I hope you will like the game, it's my first multiplayer game and i really love it !

    But to be honest i didnt planned to have so much work with testing.

    With the team we chose to do one multiplayer game per year, bc of our rate of game publishing.

    Btw thanks to everyone who follow our work.

    September is coming, we start to work on some new games (which are on this forum).

    Cheers to everyone ! And see you on November for the release of Epic Blast, but don't forget our other games that will be released before this one

    See you soon !

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