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  • Eldritch Hunter

    Eldritch Hunter is a WIP platforming shooter. An inquisitor is enlisted by the Pope to purge a foreign religion/lovecraftian cult and its monsters from a city; but it's too late, she must undo the cult's corruption and save the pope!

    Levels are about learning specific monster behaviors and tackling them in different ways - like a combat-oriented meat boy! With about 2-3 new monsters introduced per world.

    When you finish a level, you get gold (exp) depending on how fast you completed it. You'll always get some, though, and it'll let you unlock new weapons.

    You can try out an ultra-alpha build of some early levels in-browser here! (WASD to move, ESC for level select, F2 for HP bars)

    Also, some videos of a couple levels:

    Sewer(with music):

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    The full game may end up being a few hours long? With 4-5 worlds and 8 levels each, bosses and a bunch of unlockable weapons. The game's composer is M4uesviecr. And that's about it!

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  • The game looks so cute. I like it.

  • That's kind of a nice artstyle, though I'd wonder what the assets would look like a bit more detailed (don't get me wrong, they are) and darker in style.

  • good job guy

  • That's kind of a nice artstyle, though I'd wonder what the assets would look like a bit more detailed (don't get me wrong, they are) and darker in style.

    It'd be interesting to see. Some areas will get more drawn out/more detailed (town's background is unfinished, and needs set dressings etc.), but wanted to keep it a little light-hearted.

    Would think you'd have to go for a more diablo or darkest dungeon style for a grittier, darker game, which could be cool. With platforming though, the gameplay itself seems very wacky and over-the-top (jumping across walls, obstacle courses, etc.), so a level of cartooniness helps the suspension of disbelief, I think.

  • Ps, I forgot to mention this, but I think you need to polish the controls. They don't feel tight, which is important for a game like this, where SMB's controls are tight as all hell. So, both that, and maybe lessen that time the player spends getting back into the action, as that's a good gameplay policy for difficult games.

    The artstyle is fine with me, it just came to my mind because of the game's content.

  • Looks great! Ik checked you website and your art is very good.

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  • It's hard to see the cute Cthulhu games. What I saw the game with cute concept is Cthulhu Virtual Pet. But it's just a simulator, not action adventure.

    It'd be really cliché if you go with just dark graphic for Cthulhu games. Besides, it'd be look similar as Darkest Dungeon, as the dev mentioned.

    So this is why I like this game's graphic.

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