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  • Hello, I published my game on Play Store now, but I'm still working on it.

    You can play it at: http://www.scirra.com/arcade/puzzle/181 ... -halloween

    and you can download it from Play Store: http://bit.ly/descargaelpaso

    I appreciate if you could write me your comments or suggestions and I would really happy if you could rate me on the play store!

    Thank you very much.

  • Hey!

    Your gameplay is pretty solid already, I will focus more on the bad things that on the good things so you can correct it, but there's lot of good things in here, it's pretty fun already.

    About game design:

    The first big issue you need to fix is: No feedback for the tomb being "passed" (if the player took the right shape), you should make an animation to show it's good, not just make it disapear, it feel weird and also make your gameplay less intuitive.

    Second thing, I think the game should just start when you chose a (good?) shape

    Well, actually, the problem is that, at the begining, if the player didnt read the "how to play" thing, it's not so intuitive, it feels like "omg its moving what should I do". It's really moving fast at the begining, it should really start slowly, and quickly be at a normal speed, and then slowly accelerate.

    Also, a suggestion that might help with the "not intuitive" thing: Did you think of a health system? I find the game pretty hard for what it is.. I guess you should have like, a limit of 3 bad shapes or something like this. In that way, if the player makes a mistake or didnt understand, he'll be like "oh I need to take the shape of the icon on the grave! Okay I wont be hurted twice!".

    And so you could also add power ups like "+1 health" or "-1 health" and there could be more and more "-1health" so it'll be more difficult.

    Talking of power ups: Is it really good that the player can actually know if it's a good power up or a bad one?

    I'm really not sure about it. At least not the way you did it.

    Explaining myself:

    the first problem we have is like "the player will never take bad power ups"

    it seems that you fixed it by making the player obliged to take it sometime, if the power up is placed in the same place as the shape he need. It's really a cool mechanic, and that's something I think you need to keep. Buuuut: it doesnt happen so much. I think there should be more and more power ups on the screen, and it will be more and more bad power ups maybe. Well it's worth to be tried.

    Also I think it could be good if there was power ups that you dont know if they are good or bad. Like a grey "?" or something.

    You should really think about this, and maybe of other way to make situation in what the player has no choice but to take the bad power ups.

    About sound design:

    There is no music in the menu. It's kinda bad. It would just need a bit of sound, it feels empty.

    Btw the music of the game is really good, you made it yourself?

    About art:

    Little thing, not really important I saw: When the game is paused, there's no "lecture" icon, it just the same icon than the one to pause the game.

    Oh and fun thing: You didnt even mention yourself in the credits. Ahah

    I hope all of this will help a bit, As you can see I'm more a game designer person than an artist or composer, and I've said lot of things, it might look like "omg your game sucks" but it really isn't. You know a mecanic is good when no one complain about it!

    I know it might be a work in progress, but that's why I'm pointing up bad things, so you can correct it or at least think about it, even if you already maybe know all this and are working on it ^_^

    Anyway it's already pretty good, but details is what make good games.

    Have a nice day!

  • Wow!!! regisRquoi, I am very greateful with you for take your time to try and write me all your comments!.

    All you wrote is really helpful to me. In fact, you give me ideas to solve some things that I was trying to think of... Your help is really great!.

    Hahahaha, I don't even realize I didn't put my name or indie company logo in the credits :p

    The music I'm using is an instrumental version of the B-52's song called Rock Lobster... I don't know if it's bad to use it in the game and I'm trying to understand if it's a bad idea for copyright, I hope it's not.

    Right now, I'm working on some changes and now all your feedback is on my list!... I'm developing a web service to make a good highscores system right now and I hope to finish this new version asap. When it's done, I'll be messaging you to try it again and it would be great to have your opinion again!...

    Really thank you very much!!!

  • I guess it feels good to have detailed feedbacks ahah! It's actually good exercise to check out what is good or wrong in other people's game, so I kinda enjoy doing that.

    So feel free to mp me if you ever need feedbacks on superior version of this, or on anything else.

    For the music.. I'm really not sure about if you can use it here. If it stays a free game on the internet, I guess it's fine (well it may not be actually, but I dont think they'll check it out, and the worse that could happen is that they could ask you to take of the music, I guess), but I really wouldn't be okay if you were putting this in the market. But it's complicated, actually what I know is mostly about french rights, and I don't know so much, you should ask someone who's really aware of this topic!

    Glad I helped you

  • Thanks again regisRquoi!...

    I contacted the owner of the B-52's song I'm using in my game, I filled a form from the label and I'm hoping they give me permission to use it. In case they don't I'm thinking in another song or maybe compossed one... haha, I hope no...

  • Hello regisRquoi, I made some changes to my game El Paso, and I would like to know what do you think... Still there's things you mentioned missing but I'm working on it, I hope you like it and it would be great if you can give me some comments, suggestions or opinions.

    You can try it on: http://bit.ly/elpasoalpha

    Thank you very much!.

  • Hey alejovilla227

    Sorry I just seen this, ahah, and I can't test your game properly right now Because I'm having some issues with my computer right now

    Here's what I can notice for now:

    I see you added a login option. That's nice! but I'd say it sometimes scares people a bit, or bores them at least, they just wanna play. I'd say it should be just an option and not something that you have to do absolutely

    Also, you added kind of a tutorial. I can't see if it's good right now, but here's a suggestion for you: since you have a login system, it might be cool if we were able to skip the tutorial if we already did it

    Oh and the visual feedback when you have the good shape feels really nice

    I'll come back on this later in the week (I hope^^) to say things about actual gameplay

    still thinking it's a cool project


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  • Hi regisRquoi, great to reading your comments and suggestions!...

    today I will uploaded a new version in the Google Play Store with all these changes and more you could see on the PC too... I was thinking in same things so those changes have already been applied... A optional button for "Login ?... Just let me play!" , and the tutorial it's just show for the first time a player plays... Great you appreciate the visual effect of the good shape (Really thanks, it was your idea!). I hope you can see all the game after tomorrow (saturday) (with all this changes) and off course I'll keep modifying things to keep getting it better!, and it would be great that it could be with all your help!...

    Thank you very much.

  • Hey! Your game is becoming really nice! Is it (will it be) playable on smartphones and everything (maybe that's why it's on the playstore? I'm not really aware of those things :p ) ? Would be cool!

    First thing I saw: the "power cancelled" thing is really too much big. It takes all the attention, because it's red and big. Once it had come in the screen, I had difficulties to focus on the gameplay really. Also I don't know if this power up is really meaningful, at the end it's just like a power up that is saying "this power up and the next one will not do anything", and it makes the player not feeling like taking the next one. (actually my only motivation to take a power up after getting it was to make the big red icon go away :p )

    [after re-playing it: I'm not really sure what it does at the end. Cause the next power up is actually active. Is it just a thing like it doesnt do anything? But why is the icon staying? There's a little problem with this, I don't understand :p ]

    Oh, I had a bit of an idea to make the game more difficult, but it might be difficult to ballance. So.. Maybe a thing to try, maybe not a thing to keep:

    The more you play this game, the more it gets easy, because you identify more quickly the shapes and you know where you have to click for a specific shape.

    To confuse the player with this, you could add something like, a power up, or an event when you pass an amount of tombs, that would make the shapes (on right and left) interchange their positions. In that way the player will have to really look for the good shape in the screen and it would be more difficult.

    Why you shouldnt listen to that idea:

    It's hard to ballance. Cause if you put it as a power up, the beginers will be confused if they get this power up in their first runs. And if you put this as an event at a specific moment, well it'd be deep in the game and the tombs would come really quickly. Too much for the player to get used to the new positions.. So maybe you would have to make the tombs come slower, like if it was "wave n°2" or something, but it would change a bit the gamplay.

    Sooo, yeah, maybe it's a thing to try, but be careful cause it could make everything worse. although a "wave n°2" thing could be cool, but would ask some time of work and would change the game a lot. (maybe it'd make the game better, maybe worse. it's a thing to try, once again.)

    I think you could add an audio feedback for when a bad shape is chosen. For the good shape chosen it would be annoying because it happens a lot of times, but for an error of the player, you could try to add a little sound that indicate he did something wrong ^^"

    The ranking this is nice. But maybe it'd need to look a bit better, cause it's basically just text for now x)

    Oh and a little text error I think (I'm not an english expert, but I guess it's an error :p ), you wrote "automatic choise", I guess it's choice? :')

    I couldnt notice but: how much does the "score increase" thing is increasing the score? I feel like it's just a +1. Should not be. It's not enough. It's not worth the risk you take by taking a power up (eventually having tombs come faster and everything)

    Little thing I noticed also: when you pause the game, the position of the icon moves a tiny little bit. It's nothing, but I'm still saying it. I would feel more "pro" if it'd stay in place :p

    Anyway, your game is getting to look pretty much finished I think. It feels really nice now

  • Hey! regisRquoi!, it's great to have your feedback!

    I will be out for 1 week, but I'll take in account all you're saying to me for the new version!


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