Education of an Android [Experimental puzzle]

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  • Hello everyone, my name is Romain Courtois, artist and indie game designer living in France. I would like to introduce my project. I made little mobile games before. This is my first game for PC and Mac. An experimental puzzle game with point n click elements.

    Education of an Android

    An android endowed with an artificial heart capable of feeling emotions.

    > Download Demo here <



    A company specializing in robotics is working on an artificial willpower project. An android who thinks and acts

    according to its emotional state thanks to a synthetic heart allowing to feel emotions.

    The player will have to complete a series of tests conducted by its creator to perfect its sensitivity.


    The game stands out for a unique gameplay inspired by the range of emotions by the American psychologist Robert Plutchik. Eight basic emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness, boredom, disgust, envy and surprise) that react to the stimuli offered by the world and open up new possibilities.


    The dashboard is inspired by the Wheel of Emotions created by the psychologist Robert Plutchik. He believed that there were basic emotions, similar to the primary colors, which could provide more complex emotions when combined. I found it interesting to apply this system to an architecture of difficulty. The aim of the project is to cross the range of human emotions, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. Despite this theme, which might seem serious, the result should be simple, quite short, and fun to play.

    Moodboard inspiration:


    The music aspect will be very important, as it will allow the player to feel the emotions "physically". For now, they are just variables within a computer, cold and devoid of color.

    Romain Courtois


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