Dot Hunter (Again)

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  • I'm going on with my experiments. After learning how to insert advertising in my app (wow: I gained 1 cent in a week: D) I'm continuing to change the game. I changed some - small - graphic details, Including banner on Google Play. But there are two big changes. And one little.

    First: I added the chance to continue the current game. You can choose to "pay" for this possibility with "rubies" or watching a video advertisement. I think "25 rubies" is a reasonable level: you can pick up in two or three games.

    Second: Rubies. I'm trying to learn how to manage a "virtual currency" in the game. I think to use them to allow the player to buy super powers. Or to change the game's skin. Or to unlock another level. I do not know yet, but I'm learning to handle this addition.

    Last: I added two more extras in the game. With the first, the Player loses 5 more points. The second, blows up the enemies closer. And I'm adding some "special effects."

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  • New skin

  • That actually is a really good game. Would make a great 2 player coop.

    Problem I see might be the misleading title; honestly when I hear "Dot Hunter" first thing I think of is Pacman.

    One might think based on the title that it's a Pacman clone.

    This game needs a THEME. Have that ball be a rubber one and maybe animated Springs on separate ends and call it Spring Ball or something. Maybe make it a fuzzy creature and put other spring-shaped creature at the opposite ends...

  • Nice work my friend! As i see you like a lot my game template..

    .. Keep continue and be creative!

    P.S: I had forgotten this topic!

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