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  • Hello everyone !

    You know me now, i love to experiment new things, and work on experimental games (sometimes you appreciate, like my game Blinded, and sometimes you don't, like my game Waltir's Eye)

    Today, a new game title "I Don't Understand".

    I love this sentence bc it's what my father always say when he tests my games. This upset me a little bc i always think the game is really easy to understand for everyone. But when he tells me that, i see that's it's not so easy. And that's the story of how i imagined this new game.

    The main concept of the game is that it doesn't explain what you have to do. And every puzzle is the way to progress in the game. But don't be so confident, because every thing you learn in playing with the game can change. So in every scene you have to think and find how things work together.

    That's why "I don't understand". Because i want you to think that each time you start a new room

    So what do you think ? Am i completely mad ? Maybe. But i really hope you will like it !

    This game is an additional game (from the Infokub Lab) and i can't tell when i will publish it (because you know, i have alot of other regulars games to do)

    But stay tuned and you will know how the game progress.

    Thanks for reading.



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