Donkey Kong Country Remake

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  • Hi,

    I made this remake with construct2, Donkey Kong Country was my first game....

    60 fps, I made more test with more objects (10'000) and enemy, and everything is works at 60 fps.

    I tried to make one big stage big 10'000 * 4'000 and everything works, I'm satisfied, I used just 1 behavior (platform) for the player.

    the enemy, are almost done (I can change every parameter for every enemy, like weight, who can kill it...etc)

    for the collision I use the tilemap, for the graphics I will use tilemap too, but now I don't have so much time to remake the tilemap well...

    well, I can say, with contruct2 you can make a perfect old game..., If I change all of the graphics, would be another game

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  • I remember you working on this before, but holy cow this is impressive! Aside from a few parallax values being different from the original game, this is absolutely stunning work!

  • was very cool man, and thue the original mechanical

  • Played this so much as a kid

  • Impressive how close to the original game it is

  • Wow, this looks so on point! Great job.

    I also tried to make a DKC engine in Construct, but I didn't get nearly as far as you did.

  • Thank you all for the reply

    new video with a "stress" mode

    When I start to make this (2 months ago) I used my free time to make it...

    the player has 41 animation in one single sprite... the game run with 1249 events ( I have to delete like 200 old and bad event)

    the map has 2 tilemap (1 solid, 1 Jumpthru) and I made the tilemap from the original game, so, the map is the same as the original game....

    In future, I will make a tilemap for the graphics map, but I have to remake better, because in the original is like a puzzle and is almost impossible to find and remake the map with these tiles....

    basically, was a challenge to see if construct2 can menage a game like that... and the answer is yes, very good, and I don't use all trick to make a better performance...

    the engine is almost finish, I have to make the gameplay for a minecart,some "special" enemy who need a new IA (very easy to make it) and a water system... very simple too...

    the funny things is, when I was try my engine, I found some bugs very similar to the original

  • Awesome sauce, great job! Love DKC

  • Looks really nice! :D

  • Absolutely Astounding!! Great job and shows the true power of C2 once your familiar with it.

  • thank you all for the reply

    Padautz I can't publish the capx, when I finish to make all the gameplay, I will publish a demo, my idea is to find some artist and remake all graphics to get a new platform with a similar gameplay

  • I totally understand

  • Nice work! Looks good!

  • This is really fantastic

  • Wow!

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