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  • Hello folks,

    I just wanted to show my newest mobile game called DODGY.

    It's a reaction puzzler and in development right now.

    I have made huge progress over the last week and I think it's about 60% done.

    Here is a promo shot I would like to share with you. I would love to get some feedback on the art style and the used color palette.

    Right now the game is made for the iPhone only and is compatible with all devices starting from the iPhone 5 and iOS8. I don't know yet if this will be a Universal App or will be ported over to Android as I simply have no Android phone. The only thing I knew is that it works fine on a Galaxy S5 because I could test it on a friend's phone.

    Best regards,


  • and android ? XD

  • and android ? XD

    I have no android phone so that is quite heavy to do right now.

  • Any details on the gameplay?

  • Any details on the gameplay?

    The color blocks are spawned randomly at one of the 16 spots outside the dots field and fly by.

    You have to dodge around these but there is one block at the top of the UI. You have to collect a block which matches the color to score. You can also collect extra score blocks and extra time blocks.

    There is also a level bar and as you score it fills it. When you have level up the blocks are getting quicker and spawns at a higher rate so it becomes challenging at some point.

    But there is also a level mode where you sometimes have to collect a certain amount of colors or sometimes collect the colors in a correct order.

    Sorry for the compliated description. It's quite heavy for my as a german to describe it correctly

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  • The art style and palette are quite good. It is a very nice look

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