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An interesting platform adventure game. If you are looking for a very easy template to create your own Super mario.
  • Pitch

    Rabbit's Adventures (temporary name) is a platform/infiltration game built for tablets and desktop. It tells the story of a young rabbit whose daily life consists of relentlessly saving a princess, without ever getting a well-deserved kiss. Someday though, he discovers that the world he lives in was set-up, bound by carefully painted cardboard walls…

    Current state of development

    03/03 to 03/09 : This week, we implemented fluid realtime animations with the spriter plugin. I'm working on the UI and tutorial assets as well, as those are missing in order to release a quick demo of the game. Next up are the 12 levels of the game's second environment, and roughing out the level's ending animations.

    More about the game

    The game is developped and optimized for iphone5+, tablets and PC/mac/linux using Construct 2.

    The development started during summer 2013. It was paused in order for us to focus on smaller projects, but also waiting for a couple of updates (tilemaps and spriter primarily). It started back mid February 2014.

    The game was created by the Resonant Craft team. We develop html5 games for mobile and desktop platforms. 3 persons are participating to the project :

    • Florian Dematraz (Nemega) : developpement
    • Jonathan Lefèvre (Kazemushi) : sound design
    • Nathan Lovato (Valerien) : art, music and level design

    Last words

    Please don't hesitate to ask me anything about the development !

    Thank you for reading,


  • Cute graphics ;p

  • Thanks hmental

    I'm making a short update today, as I'd like to establish a weekly update cycle on Sundays. This week, extended our initial planning to know what's needed in order to introduce the project to potential publishing partners. I'm also digging the possibilities offered by spriter, starting with animated UI and unlockable skins. I'm finally, as always, working on all kinds of assets and docs. I'll cover a bit more on that on Sunday .

    Here's a glimpse of world 2, which contains 2 sub-environments - Underground mines/tunnels and some depots :



  • Sunday update - 03/16/2014

    This week has been busy doing all sorts of crap. Let's not waste too much time, here come some pictures :

    • Reviewed character skins
    • Level select menu

    This week, I'll be :

    1- finishing the structure of world 2 levels

    2- adding a fair dozen of anim

    3- adding the princess and piggy earl, two key characters

    4- finishing the first batch of tutorial/settings related assets (xbox, keyboard and touch buttons/action assets)

    5- And even more !

    See you soon !


  • Looking pretty cool...waiting for the demo

  • Nice gfx!

  • Hey everyone,

    Thank you for the feedback guys !

    This week, well... I started like a rocket, working intensively for a couple days, only to hit a wall on Friday and finish it in a snarly mood. The main thing that was done here was the reviewed animated skins, with a fair amount of brand new animations !

    This is also an occasion to show you the core mechanic of the game : the mask. The player can use this one in order to hide himself from the most stupid guards. This game's levels and enigmas revolve quite a bit around that sort of things.

    The load of tasks to accomplish felt truly heavy, so this week I'll take care of previous week's backlog.

  • Really like the graphic style of the game! Can't wait to give it a try

  • Wow! Amazing graphics, good job.

    1 Tip, flying carrots does not look unique. Everybody does that. Plant the carrots and let the rabbit push them out when he is on top of it like super mario 2.

  • cute game !!!! love to play this game!!!! waiting ...

  • superb game graphic !!!!!!

  • Thanks a lot guys.

    : sure, this is a nice idea and I'm taking note of this. It will just fall into the backlog for now, as we have to work on a lot of structural elements still (like making 40 more levels !).

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  • Hey guys,

    Quite a bit of work has been done this week, though we decided to stop the project and to reboot it on unity : the current construct pipeline lacks a bit of flexibility for us to have things unfold properly.



  • Hey guys,

    Quite a bit of work has been done this week, though we decided to stop the project and to reboot it on unity : the current construct pipeline lacks a bit of flexibility for us to have things unfold properly.



    Valerien - can you elaborate what your issues were? What did you need that C2 couldn't do?

  • Hey ,

    We mainly have issues due to the project scaling up. Although we'd like to have the ability to support multiple game viewport resolutions and mipmapping, there is no real big function that construct 2 is lacking per say. It has just gotten very tedious and slow to iterate on the game overall. We need for example to tweak and reimport a lot of content often.

    This plus the fact that the project needs a reboot, we decided to switch back to unity, which we is more flexible. We decided to make a snappier platform game with procedural content !

    Anyway we'll keep working with construct 2, we have some more games to be released later in the year (right now they're under contract with publishers).



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