Diet Chomp - Would like some feedback and/or help

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  • ... index.html

    (Only for chrome users)

    If music or chomping noises/animation are not displaying then go to:

    Windows + R

    type in: chrome --allow-file-access-from-files

    It's what I used to get everything working properly.

    The game is about catching as many junk foods as possible to collect points, so far I've only added cupcakes which are worth 10 points. There will also be healthy foods which must be avoided. May I get some feedback on this? It's my first game.

    Touch controls added and tested on Samsung Galaxy, Sony mobile and Nexus work fine!

  • For a first game it certainly looks fine! Think about what makes games fun, though. You'll need different types of falling objects... some good, some bad. You'll need some way to make gameplay addicting. Right now of course there's really nothing to see or work towards other than a high score, and sadly high scores aren't worthy goals on their own these days.

    I suggest adding:

    1. Falling enemies

    2. Falling debuffs (slowing you down, for example, or creating an unpredictable teleport or inverted controls)

    3. More types of food falling from the sky, of course

    4. some buffs (speed boosts)

    5. A way to lose (and that should be your top priority

    I'm not sure why but the music isn't playing although the chomp sound is.

  • Yes, making it addicting is my main goal.

    I'll definitely add number 5 first and then move onto falling debuffs and buffs. That's really strange, the music is playing fine for me. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • I couldn't get the game to load on Firefox, IE or Chrome. Just a black screen for me.

  • Yeah it's doing that for me too. I need to re-export it.

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