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    I've created a type of word game where the objective is to select the right word sounds that complete the clues given in each level.

    It's a pretty easy game, lasting no longer than 5 or so minutes. There are about 40 levels right now with the score tied to how long you take during each level plus bonus points assigned based on how many correct answers you manage to get in succession. I made this to be very modular so it's incredibly easy to add more levels and flush it out even more, depending on interest from anyone.

    I still need to work on saving the high-scores and I don't have any menu settings in the game yet, just start up and off you go. The download size is about 1mb now, though I can't see this going beyond 2mb by the time I'm ready to release it (hopefully) later this month.

    I started work on this right after I got C2, so it's been in development for about 3 weeks or so. I went through some prototypes where I was creating new versions of the same sprite object before realizing I could just clone my way out of everything for every level. The MoveTo plugin is used quite extensively for all movements of the onscreen blocks to give it a sense of action.

    I've attached some screenshots of how it looks now--it's very simple. Probably too simple, but I needed to start really small and just go from there with the concept. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

  • Looks good.

    So you can add new questions with ease and the game select srandomly a new set of questions when he starts game?

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  • That ... would be awesome. I can add new questions and answers with ease but the game follows the same pattern each time you play for now. I wanted each player to be on an even playing field, so to speak, when they play a round.

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