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  • This is a game I am working on for Mobile devices with a working title called Diamond Hunter. You tap to break different rocks and elements to gain resources. You start at level one and with the resources gained you can buy levels and power ups. When you gain more levels different rocks will appear and give more resources. Once at level 5 you will run into your first diamond. With diamonds you can perches power ups and hunters to gain resources for you. another element I am adding is torches. Torches will be lighting the area and will eventual go out. If the torch that you have lit go's out you will have to activate another torch to continue your progress for getting resources. Torches can be resources with diamonds. This image is what I have so far.

  • looks good.

    I don't like the font though.. it looks like comic sans :/ makes it very unprofessional looking and doesn't match the graphics at all..

    use spritefonts/GiveYourFontMonoSpacing and get a better font happening!

  • Ok I will see what I can do thanks for the advice.

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  • New update on my progress It took me quite some time to figure out this sprite font thing but I think that I now have it down and doing what I want it to do . Thanks for the advice it looks much better.

  • This font looks much better! Do you have any gameplay screenshots?

  • I am still working out some bugs and will have some game play soon.

  • Here is the game play so far. Taking request on what kids of other elements to put into the game

  • Ok I have added the gold rock and its particle effect images

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