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  • Hi, i'm working on a shoot em up game, for the moment it's a very basic level with element modeled and textured with zbrush/c4d/photoshop. the concept is not really new but i'm gonna take some time to improve the gameplay and find an original concept. I post some previews ingame and from the 3d software... have a nice day... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    you can also play the demo here : ... iaire/025/

  • Hi remib74, here's a few things which caught my eye:

    • I like the use of the rendered background, but I think it's a little overwhelming i.e. the player ship doesn't stand out from the background very well.
    • Maybe you could have an extra background layer with transparency and parallax to add some depth to the background.
    • The turrets axis is not centered properly.
    • The players bullets seem a bit slow.
    • The explosion sprite has a nasty edge.

    Looking forward to playing your next update.

  • hi steve, thanks for your comments, i take note of your critics and gonna make another version with adjustements . for sure it's only a start my goal is to produce a prototype which should be representative of the final game. I need to spend some more time on it as i plan to make a reliable version in 5 or 6 months. see you on the forum...

  • Yea, the visuals need a lot of work, but mostly on the color department. I'm not criticizing your modelling skills. The background is really overwhelming and everything seems to drown into it. Everything is the same orange/brown shades, and that's considered bad visual design. Try seperating the important stuff (player, enemies, items etc) from the background by giving them distinctive colors. Also try toning down the contrast. More contrast = more strain on eyes, most of the time. Try rendering those objects without textures at first and make them work just as shaded, colored polygons. Then see if you really need the textures.

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  • Hello Hasuak, i have exactly the same feeling concerning the colors and the relation beetween background and the other elements... for the moment it's only an overview... all the best

  • hi it's a new graphic step for my project... I hope you like it...

  • Hi remib74

    I love the new terrain style background - looks epic. The game is still kinda frustrating as the player's weapon is really slow and feels weak.... especially when there's about 10 targets on screen. I would give the player a nice meaty star wars style laser blast and make the enemies a little weaker. The other thing you need is a points/score to make it interesting and a user interface - "play" "restart" etc.

  • Hi Steve, as you noticed i need to improve the gameplay and to adjust the settings for the different elements. it's only a very basic game for the moment, the ui, weapons and new assets will come with the next version. consider it as an alpha release, have a nice day

  • Looking forward to it

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