[Devlog] Space Weirdos

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  • "Listen here, maggot, your journey starts on planet Lilac 481, or as we call it - "That one weird purple rock".

    Explore, fight and kick ass like the soldier you are. Those gem bastards won't know what hit them.

    Now go out there and make me proud, son."

    Shoot stuff with the weapon of your choice.. as long as you have it unlocked.

    Shoot even more stuff, assuming that you aren't dead at that point yet.

    You look miserable, son. Go to the Doc to fix you up. Frederic Kong is the best god-damned herbalist I know on this planet.

    Demo coming soon

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  • Greaat!! I can not wait to test the demo

  • Getting a strong Nuclear Throne feel from this, I love it!

  • Like tibia graphics ^^

  • Wow - looks excellent!

  • This looks good! Love the aesthetic. Super excited to play the demo.

  • Thank you guys for all the comments, I appreciate it so much!

    Now, for some more screenshots

    Weapons Shop - each character will have different set of weapons to unlock, around 6 to 9 weapons for each character.

    Before you get into the battlefield and start smashing those darn gems, you will get to choose your weapon.

    Triple Machinegun, my favorite weapon as of now, since The Protein Launcher (you can try and guess what kind of bullets will it use ) hasn't been added yet.

    Demo should be out this week

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