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  • Hello People,

    After couple of mini projects i decide to start a longer game; Resistance.

    It will be an adventure game with small puzzles and tiny (but stressful) actions inside. You will take some roles in a civil resistance against invader forces of your homeland and will help to gain your freedom. Some missions will help to improve resistances public support, wealth and power while others increase your reputation and rank in resistance.

    Arts will be hand drawn and all communication will be subtitled until i find volunteers on voice acting. Here is some sneak peak about visual elements and art style:

    Updates will come. Meanwhile all your comments questions and advises will be appreciated.

  • Awesome art style, i love this kind of arts.

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  • A0Nasser

    Thank you for your support, it's nice to know someone likes those drawings. Here are some more objects. My main scene will be almost finished after couple of extra stuffs and object replacement.

    I will try to adjust and place objects to improve game play in scenes. Player should not miss them because all will be important part of the game (even you will not interact them!).

    For a playable demo i still need:

    Outdoor Scene 1

    Character design (alpha)

    After finishing those arts i will try to adapt my previous short adventure game "4th Crew" mechanics to this game.

    You may check 4th Crew here:

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