[Devlog] N.A.X.T (Not Another Xwing Trainer)

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  • As the virgin maid would say, "it's my first time, so be gentle"

    What is the idea behind this game?

    The idea of N.A.X.T (Not Another Xwing Trainer) is not being just another Fantasy Flight Games' X Wing tester (you don't say...), but to introduce also the multiplayer feature, in order to allow people from different countries to test their skills.

    Please note: this game is in no way a substitute for the real game but is a complementary tool. The real game is and will always be much more interesting than my software, whose intent is just to be a tribute.

    What's your final goal?

    I'd like to allow people to create/import/export their own squadron and play against AI or other people, both in hot seat (pass-the-device method) or multiplayer.

    What's your actual goal?

    The first "open" release would be with just the content of the Core set and no AI. I haven't decided yet if the multiplayer will be in that release too, or just the pass-the-device method.

    What have you accomplished so far?

    The planning phase is complete, so next step is the activation phase and some "code cleaning".

    Man... that's a lot of words, but pics or GTFO!

    Er... ok, you've asked for it!

    WTF is that?

    Ok, you may have noticed now that I'm not very good with graphics and UI in general... at all! Once (...if) the project would be on an advanced state, I would ask somebody to help me, but at the moment this is what you have to deal with!

  • This week I've dedicated myself in completing the planning phase and the activation phase.

    For the purpose of the first beta, the activation phase could be considered completed, but for the main game there is still work to do (managing pilots with the same piloting skill, for instance).

    Next step: combat phase

  • This week it was the time of the first part of the combat phase, that is determining the range between the attacking ship and the defending ones

    Next step: fire 'em up!

  • This week I've made ships firing each other, using the standard tutorial range rules.

    In the next week I will clean up the code, fix some minor issues and make a full cycle of phases (planning - activation - combat - next turn).

    This should be the last step before a full match could be played.

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  • As promised, this week I dedicated in cleaning up the code and completing the full turn cycle (planning, activation, combat).... and I've managed also to make ship explode! (yay!)

    It's always nice to see a Tie Fighter explode!

    The alpha is almost ready, but I have still to solve the problem mentioned here, so if somebody has any idea, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Next step: manage the end of the game and create some sort of initial menu...

  • This week I've been in vacation, so didn't manage to do very much... But I know you were missing me, so, after having solved the previous issue, I managed to do some menus:

    I know, they are horrible, but until I found somebody willing to cooperate with me on the graphical side of the project, this is what you will get

    Next objective... closed alpha!

    If you're interested, let me know

  • Not being familiar with Fantasy Flight Games' X Wing I am slightly confused as to what I am seeing in the screenshots, but I admire your dedication to the project.

  • I used to love this game, although I only ever had the starter pack and an A-wing

  • ryanrybot


    I know it's a project for just the people who already know the game... at least, for the moment! The very long term objective is to set the game in order to let everybody learn and play it...


    In Italy is becoming "famous" in the last couple of years... if you want to become addicted again and help with the graphics and UIx, you're more than welcome

  • I know, I know, you missed me so much!

    This update post come a little late, but this doesn't mean I wasn't working on your preferite-bad-drawn strategic game!

    As said in previous post, next step is closed alpha version... but to prepare this version I had first to close some bugs and to complete the start-play-end-replay game loop!

    Furthermore, the last C2's beta release had a "bad" news for me: no more publishing in http, but only https, so I lost some time to find some free https hosting... since I haven't found one yet, I've decided to don't upgrade to the new beta release and keep searching.

    In any case, the loop is almost complete, and I hope to publish the closed alpha by the end of next week!

    Unfortunately, this post has no screenshot for you because the main part of my last days' job was "behind the curtain" so here's a potato for you

  • So, the closed alpha is going quite good, and I have had some interesting feedbacks from players.

    I know you have been very worried since I haven't spoken for weeks ( ... sure... ) but I guess this screenshot may give you the idea on what I am on

    That's right, multiplayer.

    Instead of completing all the rules, I prefer to prepare first the multiplayer, so the tester may test also the interaction with other players and use the game to explain the game to newbies. In this way, I can complete the two main game modes (AI will come in a further future) and then focus on rules.

    Stay tuned!

  • Multiplayer conversion of the game is going quite well.

    At the moment I've managed to set up correctly the first two phases of the game (planning and movement) so the next step wil be the combat phase...

  • Whoa! Almost three months without updating... you guys might have thought I have dropped the project and so fall into despair!

    Do not cry anymore, folks, since I am here to assure you your favourite (... ehm...) project is more than alive! I have dedicated myself to a couple of side project of this one (and being a sideproject itself, that means the other are side side projects...) but they are all in the big picture!

    The most important thing is that multiplayer seems to be mostly finished, so what I need now is to close that part and start implementing some more rules.

    If you would like to help, mostly on UI and graphics in general, you are more than welcome!

    Stay tuned!

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