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  • UPDATE 11/06/2016: v. Scirra Arcade Leaderboard added. Something seems to be wrong with the Turkey level, the engine takes damage even when the bird is correctly sucked into the turbine, looking in to fixing that...

    UPDATE 10/06/2016: v. Working Damage blocks. Bird Level indicator. Now only one bird must be collected to advance to next level. "Collect x10 9 (bird)" screen message added.

    UPDATE 08/06/2016: v. All 10 birds now added, a new one at each level. Time count removed, replaced with Damage meter, not complete.

    UPDATE 01/04/2016: v. Added scan lines effects, tweaked bird speeds and spawn frequency, added credits page, updated duck colours.

    UPDATE 30/03/2016: v. Added random day/night backgrounds and new title menu artwork.

    UPDATE 28/03/2016: Added Seagulls, score/damage/multiplier points flying off engine. Adjusted scoring system.

    Feedback welcome, polishing it up for mobile platform

    Playable demo v.

    https://www.scirra.com/arcade/other-gam ... rbine-6176

    Screenshot (v1.0.0.6):

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