[Devlog] Gorky

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  • It will be a free web game / downloadable

  • Really looking forward to this! I can't wait to try this out in the future. I'm loving the look so far too.

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  • Thanks I'm currently working on basic / boring game system things, but I'll be uploading some new screenshots soon enough.

  • missing props, char animations, etc, yup.

    initial level mockup. also a potential secret. I used pretty much the same tile tfor the walls, but there will be more variations in the final version, obviously. The roof is just a straight line at the moment. In the final version, I will make it so it looks more "organic". Maybe plants fall from it, or there are just simply parts that are lower, etc.

    In this level, the player is supposed to learn that he can wall jump and double jump. Two essential mechanics that he will soon lose

    I'm currently missing the levels with Tiled. I'm using a tiled object set to solid, with which I only draw the outline of the levels. This is pretty much the first gif, but just with the level "skeleton". I'm then adding monsters (which are their own object) and props (possibly the same).

  • So, I've been working on a progression sequence for the game. Basically, what this is, is a simple summary of what will happen in the game. Each room presents you with a new power-down and a new challenge relating to the power-down. In this sequence, you're not supposed to be able to go back or at least, you're supposed to be able to progress even if you do.

    You will also notice I changed the main character's design. It's a placeholder! I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with it.

    You guys can try it out here, I'd be more than happy to hear your feedback, ideas and problems with it. Obviously, graphics are placeholder and all that. What's important here is simply the game mechanic on itself. Let me know what you think.

    edit : progression sequence is offline now

    I'm aware of some bugs (can't double jump next to wall). Deal with it for now

    JUMP X

    Double JUMP X,X

  • Updated the progression sequence. I think it works better now and it's not as frustrating.

    edit : progression sequence offline now.

  • Loving the concept !!!

  • looks great man

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