Dev Log - Frenzied Dungeon - Alpha Demo!

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  • 8/17

    Trailer Link :

    Let me know what you think!

    6/30 Update:

    Partially finished with making my first boss. Really bad at the event sheet editor for setting up boss mechanics that cycle through different movement patterns. I kept breaking everything I made and was really slow at developing this guy. It was a fun exercise in things not to do. I feel like the sprite is too small and not really enough of an ominous boss, so I want to make some changes, i.e. just scale it up haha.


    Not a real title, just haven't come up with anything yet.

    This is a WIP I've been going on for about the last 2 months with my spare time.

    Most of the pixel art is from a opengameart, cant post URL's yet but FYI you can look up the user "buch" and the tileset for "A blocky dungeon" and find the art.

    Coin animation is from "Clint Bellinger", "Animated Coins"

    Font is also from there, "Boxy Font" if I remember properly.

    This is pretty much my first game. Got a little into developing one partially earlier while learning the program, now I'm feeling like I really made some strives and am developing something more than the bare bones of a game.

    Simplistic overhead runner, trying to incorporate fun platforming gameplay mechanics.

    Keyboard controls have been working great, finally settled on mobile controls as well. Went through a few different mobile input methods for controls. Tried tapping on left/right side of screen to move left or right, but wasn't quite precise enough. Tilt ended up being no fun at all, it just isn't exact enough or enjoyable to play this style of game with. Now I have a slide your finger across bottom of screen where the character moves accordingly, hopefully enjoyable for others and not simply because I'm getting used to it <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I've just gotten developed a working level select screen this week. Alot of the gameplay mechanics are already in place, so level design is starting to speed up. I have ten levels finished at this point. I have been planning to design some boss levels into the game from the beginning and have ideas sketched out pretty well in terms of mechanics, just trying to figure out how much including this scope is going to take.

  • I think this game very interesting, I like that idea of the runner style that way you did, congratulations looks pretty fun

  • I think you really got something here!

    At first I was like, "This looks like a vertical Flappy Bird clone." But then I saw some of the mechanics and was impressed. Looks like it has enough to keep people interested / coming back.

  • Looks really cool!

  • bclikesyou whew, glad you think its got a little more depth than a flappy clone!

    Thanks for the positive input guys. I've started working on the first boss right now. Soon as I get something working I'll put a few screenshots up of it.

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  • nice one! would love to play a demo. I know I'm apprehensive about putting things up on here though... but if you do put one up... I will play it. and give feedback.

  • mudmask thanks! I'd like to get a demo up relatively soon, I'd like to think it could realistically happen shortly here. I am getting close to fixing some things that make it difficult to navigate, like non functional buttons and stuff. So hopefully sometime soon.

  • I hear you bro, keep up the good work

  • Just added the first trailer for the game on youtube!

    Trying to finish up and release by the end of September, check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  • Here's a couple gifs from the trailer as well :

    I also posted some music for the game on bandcamp if you want to check it out. It's just two tracks, some pseudo chiptune stuff. But while I was burnout on the game it was definitely a nice change of pace.[/code:y67src0l]
    I'm working on putting out a demo in the next short while, really looking forward to some feedback.
  • Looks good! I'll definitely try the demo.

  • Well, I uploaded an alpha demo of the game to Let me know what you think. I have been having a hard time making good progress on the game lately, and have had some setbacks on it for sure.

    Been prototyping some other games, and trying not to get too distracted so I can maintain focus and actually finish this. Let me know what you think of the demo, it's just twenty (short) levels, I figured people wouldn't likely play that long through it at this point.

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