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  • Well Hello Guys! I'm working on my PC/Mobile game entitled Detergent Dan! I'm still sort of in the pre-design stages where I am working on the mechanics and such. But I am proud to say the majority of it is done!Most of my phase 1 graphics are complete and I have a working prototype. Give it a try and let me know your opinion. Also was wondering if anyone experienced lag? ... test-10229

  • Nice platform game, I enjoyed the cute aspect and the start/end animations with sound of the 2 levels.

    There is stuff to pick, I like that. Cool little raindrop effect on the ground.

    Some feedback

      -No sound mode (just in case) -Had to guess the control (space to shoot) -Text looks blurred (wrong font size with zoom?) -Graphics have different styles and pixel sizes (the trees, the player, the moving platform, the brick walls) -the sound when you fall in the water is strange

    I had some lag, it's like the game run a little slower than it should. (or just a feeling)

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hey..

    Well, looks like blured for me too.

    Tress are always in front of the player.. try to randomize that with more than 1 layer..

    The music is repetitive, maybe in sometimes should change..

    When you fall into the water the sound is repeating more than 1 time.

    You have a texture to use as sky right? this texture is overlaing the floor too.

    Try to move a little your clouds.

    Use the same size of pixel in all textures.

    Keep going

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  • Nicotine Nice platform game. The player controls feel pretty good. I like the unlockable door. So you can hide your key somewhere in the level and the player needs to find it to continue.

    The levels didnt unlock beyond level2. Not sure if thats a bug or you only made 2 levels to far?

    I did notice some lag in level 2. At first the level has no lag, but It seemed like the longer you stay in the level, gradually it started to slow down and become laggy.

    Check the number of objects in the level using the debugger. Does the number of objects stay constant? Or does is increase?

    I had this same problem with my game a while back and I discovered it was because I had an event that needed a 'trigger once while true'. Without that it kept creating some objects in the layout, and eventually so many were created that the game slowed down... maybe you have the same situation in your game?

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. I've made note of all the things need fixing. I'll check the game in debug mode too see if that could be the problem. Could be my rain effect

  • Nice work, but the levels didnt unlock beyond level2.

    What are you planning to do? Some power ups? Bosses? Puzzles? I really enjoyed it.

  • nice game and music

  • Hi guys. Its a very early test version to display features and bug tests. I fixed the issues causing major lag so that should be sorted out. Planning many more features. Bosses, New projectiles, powerups and levels. Right now this is the test for mobile

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