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  • Liquid Speed Ball - A Remake of the classic

    I do not know if anyone here ever played "speed ball". But it was a sports game, set in the future. You start with a very scrappy team and make you way up the league´s - It was kinda like ice-hockey meets football meets ruckby sorta thing. Anyway it was a great game that a played alot, so for me it would be a fun thing to make, when im taking a break from "Ominous Entity" - besides this game offers great ways to learn arrays. YAY!

    • Your players could get injured, which you would have to heal after the match IF you had the money.
    • You could buy new and better players, i believe you could sell too.
    • And much more..

    BUT why a liquid ball?

    Its a amazing look, using physics like that - and could offer some very unique ways in make my own twist on the game.

    Sneak peak of the Liquid Ball

    I havent really spend much time on it, and the "Graphics" clearly shows that - BUT i got my liquid ball too look okay for now.

    I wanna make it, so that it sticks onto certain wall´s in the playing field. (it cannot do this just yet)

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  • Speed Ball is an awesome game dude. I would like to see these remake of yours

  • Speed Ball is an awesome game dude. I would like to see these remake of yours

    Heh thank you - i glad im not the only one who remembers that game. Hopefully i will have more to show soon.

  • I haven't played the original but I just watched a gameplay vid on youtube. Looked fun to play! A remake with the opportunities modern physics offer would be great. I will play it!

  • liquidmetal

    hehe aww you missed out on a great game - it was quite complex for such a early game. But yes, there is some remarkable change here to play around with the modern physics Hope i make it just a bit playable soon.

  • Did you know that they made a remake 2013 called Speedball 2 Evolution? Link here:

    http://www.vividgames.com/games/game_de ... hp?gid=576

    It seems to be an exact copy of the classic game but it wasn't received to well since it had no online multiplayer mode and the AI wasn't improved.

    http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/s ... d/mobyrank

    On the other hand: Classic games are often more fun to play. The game objectives are more creative and the gameplay is often better developed. In modern games one has often either to many possibilities like to many options - upgrades, downgrades, enemy types, enemy options, tech tree options, etc. - or you the whole thing is repetitive and dull with tedious game mechanics. I'd prefer a good remake to a new game.

  • I played speedball on an amiga 500 .... brings back some nice memories

    Would love to see a decent remake.

  • liquidmetal

    I did know there was a remake of sorts, not sure if ive ever played it though But seems like they at least captured much of the originals graphic appeal.

    But if we wanna go way old-school, you should try and find the movie, its very old so im not sure anyone could dig it up any longer.


    Haha glad im not the only fart around here that remembers this game

    But maybe i will get my head wrapped around it, and be able to make a remake - if its gonna be decent, i cannot say. ^^

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