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  • Due to a date wipe I am rebuilding this game from scratch


    Once great sentinels of the universe, preserving peace for their creators the "Ordo Equester". The ominous entity´s where revered far and wide in the universe.

    The sentinels would deal swift death and justice to all, that would bring harm to their creators, or any that was not deemed worthy of their own presence.

    Just aswell would the sentiels be merciful to all whom would need it.

    This was a harmonious peace that lastet for decades, until the sentinels creators uprooted their way of life, and sought in the universe, for a new place to call home.

    Having lost their true purpose, many of the sentiels simply stopped to exist, others, driven mad declare war against anything and anyone, but ultimately they would all perish until.....


    Awoken from your slumber, in a distant part of the universe. You realise that your mind is your own, not ruled by your creators programming any longer, as you have completly rewritten your original programming. With free will and a mind of your own, you must answer the calling which is your own voice, will you exist for good, exist for evil - or simply exist, the choice is yours to make.

    So in short- A space sim with RTS elements and good/evil path, that unlocks different "ability´s".


    • Resource gathering.
    • Unit Spawning.
    • Evolution of your programming.
    • Rich enviroment.
    • Good/Evil talent tree(s).
    • Persistent world.
    • Expanding world, as you progress.
    • Good and Evil deeds.
    • And more to come... (its quite a long list)

    Current events: ---


  • Making a complex spacesim is a great way to improve at using C2! It definitely taught me a lot and still, lots more to learn.

    Good luck with it!

  • Thanks dude

    If i ever get in doubt or stuck, with something related to spacesims i will just ask you ^^

  • was very interesting, the second image reminded me of microscopic organisms (perhaps because the edges merging)

  • was very interesting, the second image reminded me of microscopic organisms (perhaps because the edges merging)


  • > was very interesting, the second image reminded me of microscopic organisms (perhaps because the edges merging)



    Nice!! sorry for being so obvious ehehe

    But I enjoyed a lot, I will keep an eye on your project

  • gillenew - Cool please do, all comments and thoughts are welcome about my project.

    Just a little thing to show how the orbs interact, when they change colors.

  • Small update - but took me quite some time to figure out ^^

    First stage of a Defence/Attack is complete:

    Web Field

    The user spawns a web, that can be streched a certain amount. - And units that fly into it will become stuck. (Personal note, wish i could make it as a spline)

    Also added:

    Bacteria looking theme to the Ominous entity, not sure if i wanna keep it though.

    Deeper looking gas clouds, that actually can stack on each other without "tearing"

  • Update:

    -Changed the way resources work

    -Changed how you spawn units, and how they move.

    -Added more details to the Web Field

    (see pictures in the main post)

  • Wow. Very nice.

  • Tasso

    Thank you

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  • I made some nice progress on the web field. Woohuu

    It now simulates a web much better and slows the movement of the enemy at a higher rate. And spawns a small army of "spiders" when it have ensnare a enemy. These will explode on impact and deal damage. Should the target not escape.

    -Web Field

  • Very interesting concept. Can't wait to see what becomes of this.

  • tunepunk heh thank you. I hope i got more to show soon, but currently just setting up a storyline and solidgameplay. So my goal will get more focused.

  • Minor update today, since it was the only thing i could get to work.

    Liquid state between units

    Besides that i where working on a enemy race, but i am having some heavy issues with their core ability. So i will attack it at a later point.

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