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    [quote:2bkpq3v8]This game is being developed at: Construct 2

  • Looks like Limbo?

  • Looks like Limbo?

    Just the style, but the designs and the game has nothing to do with limbo

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  • Gotta agree with Sandybee, looks more than a little inspired by Limbo (atmosphere, character design, background).

    Big studios make games that look very similar to eachother, but they have a big marketing budget to back it up. Most of us don't, that's why you want to appeal to those people too much in a hurry to even read your description. If I were you I would add more personal touch in the visuals, cause sometimes the first impression is the one that matters, especially when crowdfunding games.

    Just some friendly advice I've seen being repeated by other indie game developers.

    Good luck with your game ~

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