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  • Hi guys! Sphynx Games here! Death Bringers is now in what I consider Beta. It needs some testing and suggestions. I'm making regular updates to it, and would like some community backing.

    If you're returning from alpha, you can keep your save, just tell me how it effects your over all gameplay.

    The forum to it is: Http://

    (Just like last time, you can find the download there)

    About the Game:

    Style: Top Down

    Genre: Looter

    Gameplay: Mixes Top-down shooter, slasher, and skill mashing into one very

    playable game.


    The planet Rathe is in a time of Crisis, known as The Awakening. The Demon Lord Terske wishes to engulf the planet in what is known as the Ekke Deminsion. If he accomplishes this, it means endless torture for all inhabitants of Rathe. The hope of the world rests in the hands of the 4 known as the Death Bringers.

    Features: A good sense of end game with that randomised loot we all love!

    Quick-paced gameplay: So it feels more like a game and less like chores!

    Play your own way: With diverse disciplines.

    Never stop evolving: Between your Shakrea, your gear, and your playstyle, you'll always find new ways to play your character.

    Updates a-coming! This beta features Breaking Chiavera Part 1; In Breaking Chiavera part 2, you'll be able to roam around in a new map, complete new quests, gather new loot, and have access to even more levels!

    Note: The bulletin board in the picture has its scaling off (That's already fixed and put into 1.02 <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">)

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  • Screen shots!

    Title Screen


    Save Select


    Class Select


  • Screen shots! Continued!

    Loading Screen


    Starting Quest


    Player Text


  • Screen Shots! Continued

    Smacking a dummy


    Taking Inventory


    Bulletin Board


  • Screen Shots! Continued!



    Talking to Oliver


    Fighting Bob


  • Screen Shots! Final!

    Looting bob


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