Death from Above a steampunk shmupNOW WITH DEMO

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  • Hey man you’re back! Awesome, was beginning to worry !

    Of course, Id love to see a finished fully polished version of Death from Above, even if it had just 3/4 levels. I wouldn't worry about a lukewarm response, it was a demo, also ive noticed that shmups seem to attract tough criticism for whatever reason. I think it is great and has the potential to be fantastic, also it seems to have about 4.5 stars from everyone who has played it. I dont think the game play is bad. I mean Shmup gameplay is as simple as it gets, however the complexity and depth comes from a combination of slightly abstracty things like level and wave timing, wave difficulty fluctuation, weapon enemy balance and how the powerups change gameplay. You have all these elements in place. Just maybe some fine tuning and a lot of play testing. Anyway I can fully relate if you need to move on but maybe you could tie it up while you work on the new project.

    I did read somewhere, maybe even on here somewhere, that, 90% of amateur Indi developers never finish their games because they keep moving on to the next project wanting to utilise their more advanced knowledge and skills acquired from their last unfinished game.

    I assume this can be a bit of a vicious circle, but on the other hand , if you keep moving and learning until the point where everything clicks then this approach could also lead to greatness.

    Dude, I didnt realise you were the dev of Reload, that was awesome.

    Metroid / Time Crisis / Metal Slug. I get a twinge in my nethers every time I hear those names.

    What about Metal Slug type action with a Metroid Lite type unlocking world and weapons with some time crisis style bonus levels or boss battles?

    Yes it would be a massive undertaking and a little over kill. That is why it should be called ....OVERKILL.

    OK Ill shup up now. Nice to see you back.

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  • Sorry to hear about your moms health problems and glad to hear she is doing well and playing video games! Death From Above was a great start. I have found with each project I finish I learn so much, especially if the games are a bit different. Your concept art is great, love me some Metal Slug too. Im actually working on an action shooter in the vain of a metroidvaina too, I look forward to seeing your approach to it. Our game GunnSwitch is more like Blaster Master though with the tank but also adds in some Metal Slug/Megaman style action and platforming. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do, Ill be watching.


  • Thanks billy and Net It's nice to know someone enjoyed DFA I will tell you what I will do, I will place an advert for DFA in my MUCH more successful game Reload and if I get more interest in the game I will finish it right now I can justify putting aside such a huge amount of spare time on a game and that so few people have taken an interest in

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    yeah this metal slug thing is definitely happening I can't seem to stop drawing stuff for it

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