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  • Dash Rumble

    Click to play - v 0.2


    1- Devlog #1: designing the game and the AI


    Dash Rumble is a platform/arcade action game in which you dash to death! Push your enemy outside of the arena’s boundaries to win.

    The project

    Dash Rumble is about building up a battle system mildly inspired by wrestling: the player’s main way to beat his opponent is to push him, rather than to damage him. It originally started out as a combat system in the vein of the old school Tales Of (that is to say, confrontations on a line), and evolved to become this very game project: a fast-paced fighting game based on well-known platform mechanisms.

    You can already try the first prototype by clicking the play button above!

    This thread will serve as a development log for the game. I will also be sharing tutorials and tips based on my experience with this project.

    How to play

      • Arrow keys to move • Space to dash

    Upcoming elements

    I'll be working on modifying the core game rules and the art next.

    Getting in touch

    If you like what I do, you can follow me on facebook and twitter !

    Thank you for your time. Nathan out !

  • Those sketchs are looking good ! It's simple and early, but i can tell you have good drawing skills (I'm looking forward this projetct).

  • Early days, but very cool.

  • Thanks Softloulou, and DUTOIT ! I coded the prototype yesterday. I have some time ahead of me at the moment, so I'll be focusing on this game (and tutorials revolving around it) for the moment.

  • I liked your rabbit prototype a lot, so I definitely look forward to this one

  • Dash Rumble v 0.2 is now up!

    Click to play - v 0.2

    I wrote a devlog about the game design. It also covers AI design principles.

    You can find it there: Dash Rumble - Devlog #1: designing the game and the AI. I hope that you will find it insightful!

    See you soon for a new update!


  • Wow, looks really good.. are you planning on multiplayer in the future?

    Also there's a bug where the other guy just gets stuck at mid air

  • Looks great and interesting blog post.

    Working on a similar idea, so will be fun to follow your devlog

  • Thanks a lot for your interest, both Wisdoms and Giganten !

    I'd love to support multiplayer, and it would actually be simpler to develop a compelling little multiplayer system rather than a vs AI. But I'm not sure I can get an active pool of player with such a basic system. And well, I picked this project mostly to get a sense of how time consuming real time AI programming is actually. And well, I think I'll go back to turn based stuff afterwards !

    Thanks for the bug report too. I'm aware of it (it happens quite often!), but as the game is playable, I wanted to do a release and get refreshed away from AI.

  • Hi everyone. I'm back with a little update!

    I am currently working on the art for the game. It will feature sumo wrestlers, most likely in an open environment. It's been quite interesting to learn about this sport, as it produces generally very short, intense encounters. I do like the way the rikishi (the fighters) dance and throw salt before a fight to scare spirits away. I have a hard time staying focused on personal work since a few days, but the animated character will be ready by the end of the week!

  • Fun concept buddy

  • Fun concept buddy

    Soon, soon . Thanks mate!

  • Haha love it!

  • Looking good - cool caricature drawing style! Looking forward to see more of the game art!

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  • I swear the ai cheats. But thats ok. after I lose I just bash on him until it says I won! Muahahahaha

    good game.

    Ai can jump on my head, but I get hurt if I jump on its.

    Also, ai stands still if I stand still.

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