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  • Hey guys,

    I'm working on a small game for Android again. I think it will have around 20 level and it gets really hard later. You just have to pass various obstacles and reach the sun (You are in a cave). All you have to do is tapping.

    Even if its not needed in such minigames, I tried to transfer a certain feeling to the characters. Hope you like it. I will post more stuff the next days.

  • Love the colors and the style!

  • Thank you! clauddia06

  • Lovely artstyle! I really dig the colors as well, keep up the good work! : )

  • Elegant and beautiful. Good job!

  • One word. Beautiful. Really dig the colors

  • Thank you for the kind words guys.



    Hope you find some time to try it when its out.

  • Nice! Hope we can see more of it soon.

  • Thank you very much! Bl4ckSh33p This is how the gamplay will look like. Greetings from Germany!

    Sry for bad gif quality.

  • Looks hardcore, pretty cool too - are the gates randomly generated? How do you balance it - I mean that bit just after the sine-like gate array seems like it could be quite deadly.

    You mention levels - so what would be cool would be that everything gets ever brighter as you get higher - would let the player feel their progress + provide some visual differentiation. If not everything, then the background could be a taaallll gradient.

  • Hey Thanks and you are right, this game will be very hard. Hope not too hard..but I try to integrate a nice learning curve.

    The gates are not randomly generated. So I just designed the Levels and the speed of the gates is always the same.

    Yeah and I have already thought about switching colors on every Level, but so far I havent found a way, how it would look great. So I have to experiment a bit.

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  • Short Update: Just the Titlescreen.

  • Smart and unique take on the flappy bird idea. Looks challenging, stylized and clean graphically.

  • This looks neat, I like the idea. I think with a minimal light hearted plot this could be something special. Artistically this is fantastic, so good job on that. I'm gonna follow this.

    One thing though, I'm not a fan of the title. I gather you're early on, but when you get a chance, you should work on a more catching title. Heck, you could even call it 'A Flappy Story', or 'SkyBound', or something like that. Just an idea.

  • Thank you!

    blekdar Thanks! I am planning to implement a few dialogs. I am not a big fan of the title, too, but I think it works well for keywords.

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