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  • In a near supercorporated dystopian future, a scientist check a growing cyborg in an aquarium.

    "Hmm, this one is affected by some strange cancer ..." he says for him self, reading the data. But suddenly the cyborg started to move, unplugging all cables, as the scientist don't believe his eyes and stays frozen by panic. The cyborg makes a step toward him ....


    • - - - - -

    Original Start Post

    Mechanics :

    Here's my third big attempt to make a big game with Construct 2, an action RPG that basically mix some 2D Fighting with Timing (inspired by Samuraï Shodown, Dark Souls) and adventure (puzzle combat situations, Bosses, equipment, storyline) (inspired by Wonder Boy V, Flashback, another world). The combat mechanics are really the primary objective of this first prototype.


    "Jeanne" is a cyborg based a female character out of the common style, she's more fat, she's dead and has been changed into a cyborg, she's not a pin-up, she's infected by some curse and she's pregnant of a demon at the end.

    GFX and Sound

    I started to work on a very simple and clear atmosphere with placeholders et minimum GFX to set an idea of an atmosphere. A lot of assets are just rip from the internet so far. So yeah, it's a bit ugly for now, and it's not intented to stay like that. At least, not that much, because the style will however be a bit "dirty" like B-movies.

    Sound FX are from and reworked in audio software. I'm doing the music myself.

    Characters are made using Spriter, I love this stuff, very usefull to quickly create light-weight animation. I also get some help from my brother, animator.

    I need help !

    Mostly for testing ! Playtesters will rule how the game feel and gameplay will be tuned. That's why I'm willing to publish some prototypes and would really appreciate to get some feedback. Here is a little form you can use to be harsh with me

    • Did you have any problem understanding the commands or with the controls ?
    • Did you find it easy, hard, too easy, too hard ?
    • What about the global speed / rythm ?
    • Any bug report is welcome !
    • Did you had a bit of fun ?

    And any other personnal word will be taken very seriously.

    Thanks a lot for reading and for taking the time to test it. I will soon post some prototype !


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  • Here's the first prototype !

    You can consider the level done when you get the grenade launcher for yourself.

    Items from the shop are useless for now, even if you can visit it.

    Thanks for those who can test and answer, for example, the little form in the original post !


    WIN32 :



  • Dude no way i just started the game and was totally looking forward to it, and it said "Use Numpad 0 for kick".... I'm on a laptop there is no numpad!!!!

    Please fix, I really wanna try this

  • Ho, I totally forgot this point. Thanks for it.

    I made a quick-fix : you can use CTRL to kick instead of numpad0 . The Help panel will tell you some other NumPad keys for other actions, but these action are not fully implemented yet and you don't have to use it to play for now.

  • what a game, truly enjoyed playing it. I kept dying where the guy throws the grenade. The breastplate on the cyborg looks a bit odd, i'd say just flatten that area.

  • Thanks a lot !

    Did you figured out how to get, equip and use the shield ?

    Yeah the cyborg graphic design still need a good work on it. I'll keep this in mind.

  • After some tests around, the very first prototype was OK enough so I started consider doing real visuals before tuning the mechanics - because visuals may influence it.

    Here's a WIP puppet for the cyborg. In the end, I'm not going for a collage / z-movie dirty style but more detailed drawings made w/ photoshop because it will be easier, more accessible for myself to do but also more sweet for the players too. However, the story remains harsh ...

  • New Gameplay video

    Mostly : combat improvement with basic mob & new visuals

    next : grenade launcher, mobs w/ dodging, shop/chests/drops/stats item, creating a proper level, then 1st boss.

  • Looking good, keep going!

  • looks really cool. love that fat-bottomed cyborg. But I cant try it out, i get 404 :/

  • Thanks guys ! : sorry for that, here is the latest prototype :

  • now thats better

    gorgeously disturbing! and quite difficult too. well im pretty clumsy anyway

  • c13303 the game looks dope bro reminds me of the ninja Gaiden series one of my childhood most played games ...

    Off-Topic: That profile picture its weird.. give me the chills in a bad way ....

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