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  • I have been working for several months on a serious game known as "Security Game", which is designed to help make people in companies more sensitive to cybersecurity issues.

    The game's code is ready and my graphic design partner is working on the missing scenes of the game. The solution uses a scenario management

    engine I wrote, which allows for an external scenario to be used with an XML file (allows for the game interactions to be changed without having to "write"

    any new code in C2). Basically, you can add a new scene and player interactions without using any new code.

    A video of the game can be seen here: (you may want to change YouTube's default setting to 1080p HD)

    The video shows the game with the French language enabled, but the game also works in English (all text is an external XML file, making it very easy to

    translate to other languages if needed).

    Feel free to ask any questions and provide any interesting feedback you may have.

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