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  • The Game

    Curse of the Frog Prince is our homage to early fantasy where a hero would take arms (well hopefully they already have arms. It does makes carrying things easier, perhaps they take up a sword, or spear, or even a heroic spade.) against Goblins, giant vermin and other gooberlies.

    The Curse of the Frog Prince is a role-playing game where you play one of the companions of the Company of the Savage Moon. Three intrepid warriors and their leader, the intelligent and powerful Magician, Morgan Darkstar. Hired to save the village of Rakesdorf from the evil that threatens from the ancient deserted ruin of the Frog Demons, all for a sack of copper pennies.

    Yes, you read that right. Copper pennies! What sort of insane economy functions with chests lying around willy nilly for anyone to find. I mean really.

    The Heroes

    While the Company of the Savage Moon is a team, you can only choose one of the companions as the other three were struck down by some badly cooked fermented crab.

    But which companion will you choose? There really is a lot of tactical choices available...

    Morgan Darkstar

    Morgan is the leader of the team. An intelligent and capable leader, he guides the party through their various adventures. Intelligent and perceptive Morgan is also a talented magician, who hopes that through his adventures his name will be associated with the greatest wizards in history.


    Jurnee has swagger and class. She would be a rogue but that would be expensive, everyone loves DLC right! Right? Skilled and deadly, Jurnee is an athletic fighter using finesses and speed to cut her enemies down. As smart as she deadly, Jurnee is also known for caustic wit. But, she is very loyal to her friends. As an expert warrior, Jurnee uses her reputation to advertise the wares of local traders, thus benefiting from their sponsorship. Maybe it's Jurnee, or maybe it's her +2 boots of kicking.


    A princess from the lands northwest of the inner sea, Freydis is no pampered noble, but a strong and lethal warrior whose people expect her to fight twice as hard as anyone else. Brave and independent, she is intolerant of those who judge her on gender over skill. Freydis has a natural affinity with animals, and can befriend the kindest wolf or the most vicious of turtles. Snap. Freydis's biggest weakness is not being able to find practical armour in her size.


    With a heart as big as his arms, or maybe vice versa, this kind hero is always looking to help out. Unlike that dodgy sorcerer with intellectual dump stats, Horsan genuinely cares about people, and his affable nature makes them care about him. While he can come across as a little naive, only a fool would underestimate his ability in battle.

    The system

    The Curse of the Frog Prince is an isometric role-playing game for the PC where the story and the fun is the focus. With a focus on player choice and meaningful actions with varied outcomes. Expect to solve puzzles, fight or befriend goblins, question witches intentions, and ultimately have a fun time.

    Using Rendered 3D sprites, the game has the look and feel of a classic PC RPG. We are also using a complex event system to drive the happenings of the world. This allows for a huge variety of scenarios, based on your character, their stats, and previous choices you as a player have made.

    We are aiming to make all the characters as equal in ability as they are different in nature. Every single one will provide a different feeling to your play through.

    We hope for this to be the first of many games,as a series of adventures we hope to bring the Company Of The Savage Moon to life more than once!


    Wow, that was one hell of a wall of text! There's only going to be a little bit more before we get to some pretty pictures. Promise.

    Currently this game is being developed by a 2 Person Team, however neither of us are artists. So all the art work is currently placeholder pieces, and everything either has a Freeware (Commercial Use), or a Purchased Commercial License attached.

    I'm also very happy to say that we are working with to create the sound track and music scape! (He's amazing, check his work out at .. seriously!)

    I promised some pictures so, here you go!

    You can also see some older video's of the game in action and behind the scenes timelapses over on our Facebook page!

    So, what exactly has been done on this game I can hear (hopefully) you ask!?

    Completed Items

      âžµ Custom Isometric Projection âžµ Dynamic Lighting âžµ Every single item and NPC can be inspected for information âžµ Scrollable Event Log âžµ Custom Key Mapping âžµ Narration Text Trigger System âžµ Fog of War âžµ Character Selection âžµ Save/Load System with 6 slots

    Partially Completed - WIP

      âžµ Inventory System (80%) âžµ Combat System (80%) âžµ Equipment USe (40%) âžµ NPC Dialogue (20%)

    To Do

      âžµ Spell Casting âžµ Door Opening & Closing âžµ Secrets/Hidden Sections System âžµ Water Wading âžµ Dynamic Encounter System âžµ SFX âžµ Trapdoors This is a permanently expanding list.. I'll try keep it updated.

    So! Thats the game so far! You can keep track either here, or on the Facebook Page. Facebook will have more regular, smaller updates as well as information about any other games (mostly Game Jams) we work on.

    I'd also like to conclude this by saying 3 things:

    1st, huge thanks to rexrainbow for all his amazing plugins. I have used plenty of them so far, and foresee using many more.

    2nd, if you're an artist. Either an illustrator/concept artist, or can do game art, please get in touch with me! Either PM me here, or email me at

    3rd, Thank You! For reading this, and for just taking an interest in this game!

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  • And that marks the completion of the save system! I'm sure some bugs will surface, but from my testing so far, it seems to hold up pretty well.

    Unfortunately I somehow broke the combat system, so now for the 3rd time I will be redoing the combat. Fun!

  • Want to extend a huge thank you to dop2000 who has helped me work out a solution for the combat system.

    It all came down to one Condition.

    And the solution, just use some maths!

    Well, now I can move on... put it in the past... Ice my head from all the banging on tables... and start implementing magic!

  • Just a smaller update today, Been working on some more item/inventory features. Now you can (slightly buggily) pick up and drop items around the world.

    Few small bugs to iron out, but shouldn't take long.

  • Props for doing an RPG. I have a soft spot for ISO stuff too, so gonna look forward to how this turns out.

  • Props for doing an RPG. I have a soft spot for ISO stuff too, so gonna look forward to how this turns out.

    Thanks huZba! It certainly is a large undertaking, but I think making manageable sized goals and steady progress will bring it to completion!

  • Ever have those moments when you impress yourself?

    Just finished up implementing the dialogue system, using a JSON text file. And i got it FIRST TRY!

    Seriously. I wrote all the code, created the JSON file format, and built UI to support it without running the game once. On my first test, it all worked 100%. So, so, so, happy!




    You want proof dont you? Well sadly I can't really prove it to you, but I can show you it working!

    I might add in a little character's face above the name at some point, but thats just an easy small artistic detail. Wouldn't take long to do at all!

  • Been a bit quiet on the updates for the last few days.

    Haven't had anything pretty or fancy or interesting to post. But I have been working! Been fixing up a LOAD of bugs, mostly around the item and inventory system. This was needed so I could move forward and start implementing the event system for unique scenarios based on character/item combos!

    Anywho, heres my bug fix list!


      ? Not detecting mouse-overs of inventory icons correctly - FIXED ? When moving items around the inventory, item descriptions would pop up as you moused over - FIXED ? You can interact with objects/npc's/items in the world while dialogue is ongoing, cancelling the dialogue - FIXED ? Can "Use" and empty inventory slot - FIXED ? Small "pop-in effect" in the item description display when you mouse over in the inventory - FIXED ? After dropping an item from your inventory, the slot shows empty but still has the item data. This leads to item duplication. - FIXED ? Picking up an item previously dropped doesn't add it back to the inventory, but does remove it from the world - FIXED ? Dropped icons sometimes have the wrong icon. - FIXED ? You can move the character while in the inventory screen - FIXED


      ? Right clicking items in the inventory will give different options based on type, Eat for food, Cast for spell etc ? While in the inventory screen, darken the background so it looks cleaner
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