Crystal Core Sci-Fi Tower Defense - Demo

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  • Hello everyone,

    We've been off to work on our next game and we want you to try it out.

    CCTD is sort of a mix between your typical tower defense and space invaders. Enemy ships warp in to the system in waves and descend in orbit around the planet(s) you're defending. You need to set up power stations and lay down tower defenses to protect yourself and the people of the planet.

    Currently each of the four levels has a unique boss in the 30th and final wave. Heads up there are stealth units every 10 waves. Also, the pixie research center is supposed to have asteroids the enemy is flying around but we're still working on the graphics - you can build where the asteroids will be.

    Since this is still a work in progress we've given players 101000 starting resources (typically this would be 1000).

    We've had a lot of fun making all the different turret types but we've been developing in a vacuum and would love to hear your feedback and ideas on what would make it better and more fun.

    Thanks for checking it out,



    Crystal Core Tower Defense

  • can´t run it on fullscreen on firefox, so I can´t really read anything

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  • That's too bad. Thanks for checking out.

    We won't be making it full screen but the screenshots in this thread were taken from my browser and are perfectly readable.

  • I executed it on Firefox on my macbook and it was displayed in a little centered Box, making it impossible to play.

  • I'm sorry it's not readable for you Beaverlicious. The intended resolution is 880x680.

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