Courier - Brand new trailer!

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  • I've responded to everyone's critique and updated the character with 8 directions of animation, though I'll continue to update them. Courier is also no up on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight! Help make this game a reality!

    Courier on Kickstarter!

    Courier on Greenlight!

  • Very nice work. Will vote up on greenlight and wish you best of luck on the kickstarter!

  • Everything is coming along! I have over 40 backers, I'm 16% of the way to the top 100 on Steam Greenlight, and I have some more press coverage coming up soon!

    Also, I'll have a new video feature coming next week!

  • Here are two interviews with me about Courier!

    On (or )

    And on Gamer-xp

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  • Wow it looks very well , i like the graphics and isometric shot , hope there will be a lot of cool items and places to discover

    best wishes

  • So I'm a little behind in getting my planned things together, so new video will be Monday. But here are two shots inside a dungeon and during a mini-boss encounter. Enjoy!

  • A really innovative concept and great art style, C-7!

    My vote is already on Steam Greenlight!


  • Thanks fabianosalles and everyone else! Here's some new footage for everyone. It shows a dungeon, an encounter, and an ability!


  • game look too good

    all the best

  • Hey everyone! I still exist!

    I've been a little [read: lot] quieter about development on Courier since the failure of my Kickstarter. There hasn't really been any less development, just a greater desire to have less-frequent updates with more impact. I, perhaps, have waited a little too long this time around, but some interesting developments have come about! Firstly, I quit my job and can work on Courier without that giant time-sink ruining my productivity. I am now a stay-at-home Dad, so still not really full-time development, but tons more available time. (My wife got a job that pays double what mine did, so we switched). So, in a way, I ended up with a better situation than if my Kickstarter had worked out!

    I've been hard at work on the game and enjoying it more without so much pressure looming over my head. I've been spending some good time mapping out more areas of the game, I improved the shadowing throughout the game, I've increased the detail even more, and lots of other things I can't seem to recall right now.

    Here's a look at a part of the overworld a little more north than what I've been showing so far:

    This area isn't done by any stretch, so I wanted to give live-streaming a shot. I'll be live-streaming development on that part of the overworld tomorrow night (Sept 4th) at 10:30 PM EST here: If people are interested, I'll show a bit of the inner-workings of my project on the stream, too. I'm hoping to make this a regular thing to live-stream development, so hopefully people will be interested!

  • I'll be doing another stream this thursday evening again at 10:30 PM EST! You can check it out here: Here is a screenshot from an area I'm working on for the stream:

    Click for full size.

    Edit - Updated screenshot

  • The stream starts in just a few minutes! Come check it out, ask questions, have some fun!

    Come on over to Twitch!

  • I am now a stay-at-home Dad

    congrats.. although when I was a stay-at-home-dad it was SO hard! but now my child is almost 5 so preschool helps me regain my sense of self again! but it's amazing for family bonding.. just make sure you get out at night or on the weekends. I ended up spending too much time with my son.. it burnt me out! Gotta find that balance...

  • Oh, look! A castle! With no doors yet...

    Click for full size

  • The shadows looks amazing on those screens!, when are you streaming again? Really want to see what a project on this size looks like in construct 2.

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