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  • I've visited your homepage to play the game, but when I press the play button it just says "checking for updates" endlessly. I've no idea if it is still checking, but it's been going for quite a long time now. If it is loading, it might be worth having a progress bar to show that it's actually doing something.

    It checking for updates has cause a lot of problems, so, for now, I just removed it. Now, it just loads into the game. At some point I'll just add an in-game notification that an update is ready so the user knows their next play session will be updated.

  • Mi , I want to test it !

  • I want to play this game when it is out.Great Work the graphics looks amazing and it seems very interesting.

  • C-7, This is seriously an amazing concept. I'm really glad you've put in a thorough amount of thought into how to structure the entire project.

    The artwork looks brilliant too. Giving inspiration to people like myself.


  • Courier is now public! I believe I've reached a point where the game is ready to be played by others. It is by no means a complete product--it will be polished and added onto continuously--but it is far enough along to let others in on the experience. As with any beta, be sure to let me know if you catch something that I missed! Above all else, though, enjoy!

    <font size="5">Play Courier Now!</font>

  • I got a good amount of plays for day 1 and day 2 is looking even better! Today's average playtime is 16.8 minutes per player, so not bad!

  • Courier is up on the Chrome Store so you can install it straight to your browser! Be sure to tweet your high scores or post screenshots to facebook or twitter!

  • I re-wrote the saving/loading system to make it more user-friendly. There are a few other tweaks here and there. The next content update will include a beach village! Be sure to get your game started!

  • good job dude.. obviously a huge undertaking...

    I like the gameplay a lot... music is great!

  • good job dude.. obviously a huge undertaking...

    I like the gameplay a lot... music is great!

    Thank you very much! It's always nice to hear feedback and hear someone likes!

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  • I really support transparency with my game, so here are some stats for what I've been able to achieve so far. Thus far, I've only pushed the game on some forums, twitter, and facebook. Media sites are next, I just simply can't do all of it at once from the get-go (lack of hours in the day). But I've had some pretty decent results with even my limited marketing.

    As of Courier's 10th day out:

    -It has been visited 791 times by 527 unique players.

    -The average play time is 8.8 minutes

    -71.2% of players use Chrome, 14.9% use Firefox, 4.3% use Safari, and 3.3% use IE.

    -78.2% use Windows.

    -I've used 7.14 GB of bandwidth this month. Clearly, the appcache works or that would have been 23 GB.

    Also, the next content update includes a beach village!

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Also, the next content update will include a proper tutorial finally!

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • An update on the next content update: it's coming along very well and I'm hoping to show a little more soon, but for now, more details.

    -I have tablet/touch controls working for the game and they work quite well. I'm also working on having a good number of performance enhancements (graphical downgrades, really) for on mobile to make things run better. My goal is to have it at least playable decently so on an iPad 2, so it should run pretty well on webgl chrome on Android tablets.

    -I'll be including the first premium NPC in the new update. Someone took me up on my offer to make an in-game NPC (royalty in this case) after their likeness and naming in the game. You can get a number of neat personal benefits for you on the website.

    -Be sure to retweet the tweet on at the top! I'll be giving away $25 on PayPal to two people pretty soon, so be sure to be included! Just follow and retweet.

    I hope to show you more soon!

  • A note on music:

    Some people may have noticed that Courier's music transitions seamlessly between indoor/outdoor as well as around in the village area and out into the forest. Most of the music, where appropriate, will be following this pattern so everything feels more connected. It's a fun effect and I definitely recommend it to anyone making a little bit bigger game to increase immersion.

    You may have seen it, but I wanted to share my example for how to do that in this thread so people could see how to do it. The example switches between six different audio versions and, intentionally, works with different instrumentations to make the change more noticeable for everyone. You can see how I do it and make it work on browser's that don't support the web audio api here:

  • Now for something darker:

    <img src="" border="0" />

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