Courier - Brand new trailer!

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  • The game looks awesome! <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • C-7

    the characters look really good,

    good luck

    May will soon come

  • Whoooaaaa! :D Just the concept alone grabbed my attention!

  • Thanks everyone! Here's a screenshot inside the big mansion in the forest area. I can do a little more with fancy effects in these enclosed spaces and still achieve similar performance to the larger, more npc-heavy, outdoor areas, so I do!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I hope you enjoy it! More to come, as always!

  • Here's the inside of the Inn (first floor). I'll populate it with some NPC's, but I'm just showing the map for now.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • It's Music Time!

    Courier features an adaptive soundtrack, which means it seamlessly flows between different music based on where you are or what is happening. Here is the music for the outdoor portions of the first town, Pinesboro.

    Pinesboro Theme

  • C-7

    looking good; has a very polished feel

  • So my current plan is for a closed beta starting on May 24th. I have some testers lined up, but I need more! Anyone interested in playing around with the closed beta, drop me a pm or reply in this thread. I'd love to get some feedback before it all goes fully live!

  • C-7

    I'd be happy to test your game and provide feedback. Feel free to send me a link by PM, when you're ready. I've been watching this game develop for a while, and it'll be interesting to see how it handles!

  • Thanks a ton, Dave (and my anonymous pm tester!). I'd love to get more people on board to give things a go so the game can have a good first impression when it goes live.

    As far as progress goes, I built a shop for players to buy in-game items (with in-game currency, though real-money microtransactions are also available). I also have the game over screen up and running. I'll go ahead and take this opportunity to explain how some items work in the game;

    There are 6 collectible items.

    Small potion, does some healing

    Large potion, more healing and can revive you upon death.

    Shield, temporary invincibility

    Crystal, used as a quest item, trading, and a few hidden uses that will come later

    Queen key, used to open major doors in the game, can be earned through quests or purchased from a shop

    Silver, in-game currency, is earned from making deliveries and through the storyline.

    All other items go into one of your 4 inventory slots. These are deliveries, though occasionally they are delivered to a location instead of a person. You begin the game with one storage slot available in your bag. The others can be earned in-game or bought with real money. You'll also be earning increase in maximum health. You begin the game with 5hp (stamps).

    Now you may wonder why there is health if this is not a battling rpg. Just like many games, the environment can cause damage and in Courier, it will be a big opponent. This shifts the gameplay to that of avoiding things and solving puzzles and removes the need for grinding for experience.

    Things are going on-track for the May 24th closed beta. Once that beta has reached a sufficient point, the game will be open for playing completely free, though you are able to use real money for conveniences or help.

    I hope you might be willing to share the game with your friends once it is out. I really believe it can become a strong showcase for what C2 can do.

  • C-7 I would be happy to do some beta testing...

  • Looks awesome!!... All details and graphics are fantastics. Great job!

  • Looks awesome!!... All details and graphics are fantastics. Great job!

    Thank you a lot! The Way of Yiji is looking really great, too!

  • Four days until the closed beta! I'm finishing up the content for it, so here's a shot of playing as female courier!

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Let me know if you'd like in on the testing!

  • C-7

    like the female character.. and the attention to detail in the environment..

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