Cough of Death - Medieval Spaghetti Western

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  • I´m new to making games and for my first small project i want to build an Action Rpg

    with storyelements. here are some early scribbles and screenshots.

    So far: A Small medieval town is in the grip of the "black death". a stranger in a dark red cape apears,

    in this deserted town, and is in search for person. trough the town he reaches the church where it comes

    to a shootout with the boss.

    its like diablo I+II meets once upon a time in the west in european medieval town.

    i think i can handle the art part, but i will ask a lot of questions on the "programming part".

    i will keep you posted (i´m working right now on movement, fighting, and some text)

    the artstyle will be like hyper light drifter / westerado.

    [attachment=0:365brb1y][/attachment:365brb1y]Hi Construct Community.

  • Looks like Vash the Stampede from the Manga Trigun! Look it up if you don't know what I am referring to, because using it as inspiration for some other chars would be sweet too.

  • yeah kinda...haha, i know trigun. i mean its clear that inspirations like that will turn up.

    i´m builing right now the foundation. (background, player+animation).

    i want to make a sword animation for the attack. dont know if i can spawn the objcet and than hide it again,

    while it hits the enemys. i reading through the tutorails right now.

  • The word of the day: westerado

  • Trigun also comes to my mind when i saw that.

    Very good luck in your project.


  • so far the first level. ...does someone recognize the town (inspiration)?[attachment=0:3m49p5eq][/attachment:3m49p5eq]

  • Thats really well done, very stylish retro. Town looks like from a clint eastwood movie?

  • nope its not from a movie!

  • damn that screen first level looks beautiful

  • its my first layout. i will need a lot of work. but it will do for now, while i am putting the "gameplay" in.

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  • Inspiration... Diablo???

  • [attachment=0:38e2zl76][/attachment:38e2zl76]updating the player sprite....

  • yes its tristram. its diablo meets spaghetti western, and hyperlightdrifter meets westereado^^

  • yes its tristram. its diablo meets spaghetti western, and hyperlightdrifter meets westereado^^

    I knew it your game looks really GOOD, by the way I met Westerado thanks to this post (Great game).

  • thanks d4n. cool you enjoyed it.

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