Is this a copyright infringement? need your advice

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  • Hello all,

    I am new to game development. Summer is coming and I am planning to release a game for mobile within the holiday time frame. I just want to know If the game is likely to be taken. if so then what do I need to do to avoid that?


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  • I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure making a clone of Super Mario Bros is illegal. Copying any Nintendo game is definitely playing with fire...especially if you plan on distributing it. I've seen Nintendo aggressively protect their copyrights in the past. Are you really willing to risk that?

    Mind you, you could get away with it if you switch out the graphics. As far as I know, the general game mechanics can't be copyrighted.

  • Dude come on you know the answer thats too close to mario. The main hero is fine but you used the same bricks and the coin block is still too similar. That said there are many flash Super Marioo games that took the exact graphics and used them. So you can take a shot and see what happens.

  • Apart from anything else, unless you're trying to specifically parody Super Mario Bros and you have to use Mario graphics for some reason, isn't it better for your game to have its own, original look?

  • thank you all for your replies. people love mario and I wanted to give them something as close to it as possible but I guess that would be problematic. I have another idea so it's all good. thanks again everyone...

  • Sprite looks good, its mario biker.

  • Sprite looks good, its mario biker.

    I thought it Asian Mario. Genuinely looks like the dude that runs my local Chinese Takeaway. Well, as much as a small pixel character can look I suppose!

  • Technically Mario is asian.

  • Technically Mario is asian.

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