Constellations - proof of concept (untangle)

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  • This week i was motivated to write another game (concept) using C2.

    So here's the proof of concept so far (3 level) of an untangle clone.

    It's designed for touch interfaces (but works also with the mouse).

  • I really like it! At first I thought it was overly simple but then the third level showed how the game would actually be.


    I am colorblind (a lot of men are and get more as they get older) the yellow and green are indistinguishable for me, I am literally not able to tell the difference between the two at all. Same thing goes for purple and blue but I can tell them apart if I stare long enough.

    Otherwise, concept works! I've definitely played games like this before, but I do not remember their names.

  • Thanx for feedback.

    I will change the shapes also to make it more different...

    [edit] shapes changed

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  • Awesome, yeah, changing the shape just a little would clear the problem up entirely!

    It's not a problem specific to your game. I'm literally incapable of playing games like Dr. Mario or anything that uses similar tones of different colors. Color blindness is very difficult to explain, and not many developers/artists consider it when making art because artists typically aren't color blind!

    Edit: I'm digging the new shapes!

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