Color Splash- A Puzzle Matching Game(Android)

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Color Splash is a matching game with HD beautiful and colorful graphics where you match colors to pop them. It will be released soon on Android

    Engine used - Construct 2

    PLAY ALPHA DEMO (UPDATED 21/02/2016) ... -demo-5559


    Help the Artist to collect the colors he wants for his next new painting.


    Complete levels to unlock paintings and to complete your paintings collection

    Score as high as possible to get listed at the top of High Scores table

    Power-ups and Coins

    Power-ups helps clear levels easily. There are several types of power-ups in game

    Complete levels to earn coins. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups.

    More coins can be purchased by using real currency (in-app purchases)

    Game types and Levels

    Game types include score target, limited moves score target and color collection target.

    There will be more than 100 levels with increasing difficulty

    Platform and Release

    Game platform will be Android (iOS release is under consideration) and will soon be released.


    More screenshots in comments


    Feedback and Suggestions

    We highly appreciate comments, suggestions and feedback. This will help us improve the game.

    Please use the comments to post your feedback or email us at


    Added screenshots in main post


    Added multiple screen resolutions support so that game can run on all screen sizes without any black bars


    I have designed a splash animation when a group of colors is removed

    and here is the animation when a bomb booster is used

  • I like this art style. And the trailer has me intrigued.

    Are you planning to publish a demo?


    I have changed the in-game interface . Now its more managed. At top is Current score and target score and the number of required colors to pop

  • I like this art style. And the trailer has me intrigued.

    Are you planning to publish a demo?

    Thanks for your feedback

    Yeah i will publish a demo soon when I will finish the auto level generation engine.


    Added Pause Screen which will allow user to resume, restart, goto menu and to to level screen

    Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated


    Created a 'Level Complete Screen' which will contain

    --- Score (and bonus score for remaining moves)

    --- Jems

    --- Coins earned by completing the level

    --- Regular navigation buttons like next level and restart


    Color Splash Alpha GamePlay Trailer# 1

    We need your valuable feedback and suggestions to further improve the game.


    Alpha demo is now available to play on Scirra Arcade

    Please play it and report any errors by posting comments or email us at


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    Improved gameplay experience and removed color stuck problem completely

    Please play on Scirra Arcade and give me feedback about your experience ... -demo-5559

  • Decent game. It's a standard block puzzle and one feature I can see stand out from other games in the market is its ability to eliminate entire rows and columns.

    I reached level 18 and so far there doesn't seem to be a way to lose the game.

    It'd help if the player can choose difficult level from the start instead of having to go through easy ones first. If there is a difficulty curve, it's very slow.

    Odd color choices for the first 10 levels. Dark Brown, Dark Yellow and Olive Green. These aren't exactly vibrant colors and they don't feel inviting enough to keep the player invested.

    Music is great. The mood is perfect for a puzzle game and considerably upbeat.

    It's great for a prototype but honestly, you may need to choose a theme instead of just colors. If you're going for colors then maybe have them look like shiny globs of paint instead of the default squares.

  • thanks for your feedback.

    It's great for a prototype but honestly, you may need to choose a theme instead of just colors

    If I understand you correctly then the the basic theme of game is that you have to help a Artist to finish his paintings and you have to collect the colors for his paintings. I haven't implemented that yet. There will be a short story in beginning of game then artist will ask you to help him finish his painting by collecting the required number of colors.

    I really like the shiny globs idea. This will totally change the look and feel of game. Actually I am really bad at designing so that's why i choose wrong colors at the beginning (brown, yellow and green)

    Also difficulty option idea is also great. I will diffidently allow player to choose the start difficulty. I will implement this option

    Again thanks for such a awesome and helpful feedback.

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