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  • Hey guys,

    Here to announce my first game made with construct 2. It's not super complicated but I think it's fun and would like some feedback.

    Basically the game is a clicker. Like the many many other ones out there. You click something and you get points that you can spend. HOWEVER mine is different. It has RPG elements and you don't click the same thing over and over.

    This is how the game plays out.

    You start in town where you can buy upgrades and new weapons and armor and whatever else you need for your travels. You then go to the world map and depending on your level you pick the area you want to visit. In the area you are now in you are confronted with monsters that you must slay by clicking on them furiously before they kill you. When you kill them you gain experience and you level up. You also get cash you can spend back in town. The plan is to have 5 areas at launch and at least 5 monsters in each area.

    The game is about 50% completed with most of the logic completed. All that is really left is about 20% of the logic and 80% of the assets.

    Here are a few of the monsters that will be available to fight.

    Lizardmen, ogre, orcs with club, sword and bow

    Bat, snake, whipping vine, elf with bow and sword:

    Slime, Giant Spider, Dire Wolf

    I am hoping to have a demo of the game ready in about a week with one or two areas and the full game finished within the month.

    It will be a free to play and available for mobile and desktop.

  • good pixel art work

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  • As ffman22 said the pixel art is cool. What software are you using to create your assets? The construct 2 editor or ...?

  • Graphics gale and asesprite are good spriting tools.

    More sprites for your pleasure

  • I really like the bottom two and the dragon skeleton! great work. I will check out those sprite tools as well, thanks.

  • Some UI elements

    Each zone will be themed differently. These are the bars to go around health / xp in the first, cave and cemetery zones.

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