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  • Circuit Dash is a fasted paced arcade game with minimalist graphics that tests your speed and reflexes. Turn off the colored buttons to navigate the charge past the circuits and to the end of the level. It has 50 levels with extra level packs coming out in the future, 2 different game modes, normal mode with unlimited lives and saved progress, then you only live once mode with 1 life and no saved progress, leader boards and social media integration. Here are some screen shots.

    Been working on the game for about a month now, the coding, menus, soundtrack are done, just finishing up the sound effects and levels which are about 65% done. The game will be available free on iOS, Android and possibly Windows phone, hoping to release within the next month. I'll keep this updated, but you can also follow at IndieDB on Twitter or our website

  • Looks kinda interesting. I like the minimalistic design:)

    When can we play it?

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  • Looks kinda interesting. I like the minimalistic design:)

    When can we play it?

    Thanks, should be out in app stores within the next month, might release a html 5 demo you can play with keyboard not sure yet.

  • Well the levels for Circuit Dash are finally done! We ran into a few minor technical difficulties and one major one being the scaling for 4:3 devices(Damn you iPad, jk we love you.), basically we had to rescale the entire game and redesign the 40 levels that were already done before finishing the last 10 levels, it was a pain in the ass, but nothing about 60 hours of work in 5 days couldn’t fix.

    There are 50 levels total and with the 4 levels of difficulty it should be fun and challenging(or rage inducing, see pic above) for players of all skill levels.

    There is still a lot of work to be done with the leaderboards, play testing across multiple devices, polish etc, but everything looks to be on schedule for releasing this month, assuming the submission process goes smooth, we are hoping to have it on the App Store, Play Store and Amazon by the end of the month, we will announce the exact date in the coming weeks.

    We’ll leave you with a couple screenshots from some of the new levels.

    Again you can follow the game here or at IndieDB on Twitter or our website

    Peace out yall.

  • Hey guys the new trailer for Circuit Dash is up on Youtube now you can check it out at

    There have been lots of changes to the game since the last game play footage we released, lots of new animations, sound effects, level redesigns, visual changes to the warping system, a new soundtrack along with many under the hood changes and optimizations.

    The game has been submitted and we have finally set the release date to October 1st for the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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