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  • Hey guys,

    I'm new to construct. I work in an advertisement agency and we decided this year to make a game as a Christmas card for our clients. Can you guys give us any feedback? Is it too hard?

    It's more optimized for mobile btw...

    You basically fly around in the sled with santa, you touch to move up, and as you collect gifts you can toss them in the chymneys by pressing the blue button on the bottom left or the right mouse button on the PC.

    I appreciate any feedback, thanks...

    EDIT: Updated the "throw gift" button... and changed movement to be according to if the player is going up or down..

  • It could be better designed, also yes it's hard.

  • nice graphics and a great idea but way too hard

  • Scarily addicting

  • Quite a difficult game. Try adding more specific things that you can collide with. The buildings are way too big obstable to be an instant game over. The birds and whatnot could cause less loss of balance so hitting a single bird wouldn't instantly send you rocketing to the ground. Also some kind of simple snow splash effect when hitting the ground could be nice.

    I also managed to just let go of the controls and fly a short distance under the buildings and outside the screen. Maybe put the game over trigger a bit higher?

  • Can't tell if the birds are supposed to be an instant game over or not. It can seem like the game is wigging out on you. If they are instant game over, maybe add a flash on santa when colliding, and bring him down quicker.

    Speaking of which, when you go below the screen, you shouldn't have to wait quite so long to restart the game. It seems like the game goes on for a good 4 seconds afterwards. Should be half that at most.

    If you are worried about difficulty, you could just slow the game down a bit (maybe 20%).

    Also, here's a little tip: it's always good to make your player collision field a little smaller than their actual sprite. If somebody barely clips a bird and they survive, they aren't gonna worry too much about it...but if they think they should have collided and they do, it's infuriating. Err on the side of leniency.

    Otherwise, it's pretty good.

  • thanks for all the feedback guys... monday morning i'll adjust with the tips given and reupload....

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  • guys... thanks for all the tips... i made the game significantly easier, and added some instructions.. We ended up putting it up on google play store..

    If anyone wants to check it out..: ... anta&hl=en

  • Congrats on finishing a game! Yeah, it was too difficult early on but still a funny/cool concept!

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