Chance Game Test - Fixing Issues

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  • OK, I have finally created something that I can say is "working." This is mostly to test some of the functions I've learned from watching so many tutorials.Basically you reveal a picture underneath another picture by zapping diamonds and increasing your score. ASD keys stop the Zappers in place and shoot a line to zap the diamonds.

    I have provided a link to the .capx file in my profile and hopefully this new link posting works: www(dot) Any feedback is appreciated. However, I'm really looking to fix a couple of things that I already planned but couldn't get working. Here's the list:

    • Keeping the diamonds from going out of the blue boundary (bouncing back if they hit an invisible boundary object)
    • Adding an object that when zapped: adds +3 seconds to timer OR slows down all diamonds (optional stuff to enhance the gameplay)
    • Showing the other picture when selecting it from the menu (I couldn't not get this to work at all after multiple attempts)
    • Ability to view the unlocked pictures in the title menu (need some ideas to get this working)
    • Add to the score the diamond gives when zapped in a certain area (this explains the lines in the play area; need some ideas to get this working)

    Thanks for any help/ideas in advance.

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  • I'm still looking for feedback on this working build, along with any ideas for integrating things on my list. Any help would be appreciated.

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