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  • Hello!

    I am currently working on a project called Chachalia. (Dont ask how i came up with the name, its a long story.)

    Currently i am producing Experimental demos for the game, but these are not going to be within the game in any form themselves. They are basically me testing mechanics and features within Construct 2, and showing people some of the progress i am making.

    Long story short, i would really appreciate it if some of you could check out my work, perhaps rate it and leave me some Feedback on GameJolt. This would be really appreciated, as i need some opinions and feedback as i am developing it.

    Heres a link to the experimental Demo, and i hope you enjoy!:

    Go to gamejolt, type "Chachalia" and click the Experimental Demo 2. Don't play the first one, honestly its terrible.

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  • Hi commander Fi5h

    looks like you managed to put the basics of a jump and run game with a lot behaviors / effects together to take a look what's possible with c2.

    Keep on work and build a great game - and have fun on it...

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