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  • Hello guys!

    I've started to use Construct 2 by the ending of last year (I used to work in Unity3D and had 4 or more years in experience) and begun to work on a action platform-shooter.



    is about a world ruled by cats, that founded the Cat Purrty, a political party that took over the world. Humans are hypnotized with cute cats video propaganda and the one in charge of all this is the dictator Kittler! You, as Dog, must confront the the cats, enter in the Cat Purrty's tower and destroy the computer sending hypnotizing political propaganda.

    The art and animations are totally a placeholder (I took the oportunity to study pixel art), and in the end, pixel art won't be the art style in the game. I wan't a 90's cartoon look, like Happy Tree Friends, Two Stupid Dogs, CatDog.

    Still have a few bugs (some of those bugs showed in video are already fixed), but the focus of this video is on gameplay and "juiceness", anyway, what you guys think? Any tips?

    LINK: (please copy and paste link)

    If you guys like, I can show more videos, showing the weapon collection system (shotgun, machine gun, bazooka), ammunition system, wave explosions, zoom-in and zoom-out system, and I still have another level done that I can show in some other video.

    Any questions, ask me! Thx!

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