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  • Moon’s Adventure is a small passion project that I’ve been working on for a little bit, using’s Abstract Platformer assets pack, as well as borrowing some of the assets from the C3 example project “Kiwi’s Adventure”

    I was inspired to make the game after checking out Kiwi Adventure, and a few level design elements from that game have actually been used.

    The game is meant to be a casual Platformer but, can be challenging at times.

    Currently, I only have 8 levels, broken down into 2 stages, plus a small tutorial level. The hope is to eventually have 4 stages, with 8 levels each.

    The controls are meant to be simple, move side to side and jump, with wall grabbing and wall jumping included. Levels 5-8 (stage 2) puts a heavy emphasis on wall climbing, but the rest of the game will be more diverse

    Each level is broken into 3 sections, passing through a door to the next section. The door works as a checkpoint, to help with progression.

    I’m sharing the project in its current state to hopefully get some feedback and constructive criticism, before getting to far along in things, where it would be difficult to change things around.

    Please keep in mind that this is an unfinished project. All levels will hopefully be detailed and polished later.

    Thank you to everyone that takes the time to play and provide feedback!


    *Fixed a "Bug" that was effecting gameplay where if you mouse clicked on a menu option during the title screen, the game would detect that as touch input and enable touch controls, limiting keyboard and gamepad input

    I didn't realize that the Touch object had a property to accept mouse input. Simply disabling this property fixes the issue, only accepting touch input from mobile devices now

    *Scripted a more robust, diverse set of keyboard inputs

    Previously the only keyboard inputs, for gameplay, were the arrow keys and Z (to jump/menu select). The game now accepts WASD controls as well as Space to jump

    * Added a New Pause screen available In-Game for both desktop and mobile play. Previously pressing ESC would bring you to the Stage select screen, while mobile button would do the same.

    New Pause screen effects timescale (setting to 0 while paused) and gives options to go to Stage select, Main Menu (Title Screen), or return to game.

    Again, Thanks to everyone that's played and taken the time to provide feedback. You've been a big help!

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    *Added 3 new levels to stage 3!

    *More levels to come soon

  • Really good job here. Great polish and attention to details. Good UX as well .

    Nice work!

  • Really good job here. Great polish and attention to details. Good UX as well .

    Nice work!

    Thanks you! that means a lot

  • Tight controls and everything is easy to see. Reminds me of the bright colors and casual atmosphere of 80s pc platformers. Really nice!

    One thing I would improve on would be to add an additional button for jump (like space bar) since wall-jumping can be difficult with up jump.

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