Carnage in Space II (Fast-paced action platformer)

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  • Carnage in Space II

    Official website and demo


    This is a crazy-awesome action platformer inspired by the MegaMan Zero series. It involves an over-the-top-awesome hero slashing and blasting his way through 9 unique levels, blowing up hundreds of baddies, and taking down ferocious bosses while telling his own little story along the way.


    Our hero, Nightmare (yes, that is a name if I say it is), is dispatched by the galactic peacekeeping force AIO to a lonely frontier planet to put down a force intending to conquer the planet. When he gets there, not all is as it seems, though. Perhaps something even more sinister lies behind this simple little uprising...


    As a player, your goal is to pick out the right combination of weapons and gear, all with unique attacks, to fit your playstyle, and then fight your way through each level while keeping the unique mission objectives in mind to get a perfect score on every level. Ha, ha, just kidding. Your real goal is just to blow things up in the most ridiculously awesome manner possible!

    Impaling a tank on a double-ended lance? Sure.

    Taking down helicopters with a rocket launcher? Naturally.

    Flying over a boss, shooting an assault rifle down on it? Well, yeah!

    Smashing that pesky turret with a gigantic sword! YES!

    What are you waiting for? Go play it now!

    I'd hope it goes without saying, but all feedback, positive and negative, is welcome. Well, mainly positive.


  • It's been a while since I last looked at this thread. Since then, I've added two more levels, cloud sync, and a ton of enhancements.

    Also, I've started a dev blog (which features as a changelog) detailing my work on the game, plans for the future, and of course the latest updates.

    I could really use some feedback to help me make the game feel more professional. Balancing, graphics/audio, polishing touches, etc.

    What do you think?


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  • Its awesome


    Since the last post, I've added 2 new levels! Besides that, tons of refinements to EVERYTHING. Gameplay, login, menus, etc. Check it out, and tell me what you think!


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